Saturday, May 18, 2019

Seen at the Egyptian Museum of Cairo : That yellow stone coming from space

It is the International Museum Day and I will seize this opportunity to share with one of the pieces from King Tutankhamun's beautiful collection in his old home at the Egyptian Museum of Cairo before he and his treasures are fully transferred to the Grand Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

Ancient Egyptian deity Khepri  amulet in King Tut's Collection
The amulet with the yellow glass scarab

Is not it beautiful and amazing?
This amulet depicts ancient Egyptian deity Khepri aka the scarab beetle “I think”
It is made of gold, colored and it was encrusted with gemstones.
Its center of attention without a doubt is its the scarab beetle made of yellow gemstone

Now this yellow gemstone is making news nowadays in the world as according to new research published in The Geology Journal its source is mineral called Reidite, which only forms when a meteor smashes into Earth.

According to what I understand that yellow glass or gemstone was found in Egyptian and Libyan desert, it is called Libyan desert glass.

The new research published in Geology Journal says that Libyan desert glass was formed about 29 million years ago when a meteorite smashed into the Earth in that Western desert.
Here is a close-up image for that stone and the amulet.
A close up to Khepri amulet in King Tut's Collection
A slight close-up

For me, it is very exciting and interesting because it is the second item in King Tut’s collection to have roots in space or rather meteorites.
In 2016, Egyptian and Italian researchers found out the blade of King Tut’s golden dagger was made out of meteorite too.
King Tut's dagger
Another excuse to publish the dagger's photo

Away from the Ancient Aliens crazy theories, I wonder if the Ancient Egyptians chose those items using in making the dagger or the glass scarab beetle to accompany the king in his eternal journey to the afterlife knowing their unique source: a meteorite.

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  1. Yes that is indeed Khepera, and flanking Him are the goddesses Wadjet and Nekhbet in uraeus form.

    I think you're right - the stone for the amulet and the dagger were specifically chosen for their significance to the King's afterlife journey.


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