Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The dagger that came from outer space

This can be the most interesting and cheerful news coming from Egypt on Wednesday aside from the fact that the EGYPTAIR MS804 black boxes' signals can be detected in the Mediterranean.

The dagger after the discovery of the tomb in Luxor
in 1922

Egyptian and Italian researchers found out that the famous dagger of King Tutankhamen with crystal rock in its end was actually made out of a meteorite.

Yes, it turned out that the blade of the famous golden dagger was made out of a meteorite according to their research published last week at Meteoritic and Planetary Science Journal.
The blade's iron was taken from the Kharga Meteorite near Marsa Matrouh governorate.
That Meteorite which I ignored that it existed in Egypt in the first place was found in May 2000.

I will use this fantastic occasion to celebrate this great discovery and post a photo I took for that dagger with a blade from outer space at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo in December.

King Tutankhamen's dagger خنجر الملك توت عنخ امون
The dagger ith the blade from outer space
The dagger looks fantastic in reality , those inlaid gem stones with gold and its golden cover itself. Just an amazing piece of art , of course the whole collection is amazing just like any other Ancient Egyptian piece of art. We are speaking about art here. Of course this gives you a hint on how kings and rulers in Egypt are treated.

I want to post the King Tutankhamen's collection photos here but the problem I can not find the best time thanks to what is going in Egypt currently.
I do not know why I have the feeling that we may see a whole episode based on that discovery on History Channel's Ancient Aliens with wild theories.

Already Ancient Aliens show promotes the wild theory that Akhenaton , Tut's father  and controversial figure in the history of Ancient Egypt was actually an alien ... or an alien-human hybrid !!

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