Sunday, June 2, 2019

A day to remember for Egypt and Egyptian King Mo Salah

Mo Salah carrying the Champions league Cup "Twitter"
Mo Salah carrying the Champions league
Cup "Twitter" 
Egypt is not sleeping tonight, it is celebrating with the City of Liverpool and Liverpool FC fans everywhere. In case you do not know Liverpool FC won Europe’s Champions League for the Sixth time in its history and our Mohamed Salah scored the first goal in the game.
Once again our Mo who comes from a small village in Nile Delta makes history.

Mohamed Salah is the first Egypt to win The Champions League title.
Mohamed Salah is the fifth Africa to win The Champions League title.
Mohamed Salah is the second Arab to win The Champions League title.

And yes We are loud and proud about it, our boy deserves it.

Almost most cafes in Cairo played the game.

It was the main event that gathered all Egyptians around it.

And the night had very beautiful scenes from Madrid.
In his first short TV interview, Salah wondered where his friend and old mentor Mohamed Abu Trika was.

He was the first and only person, our Mo remembered from Egypt after the game.
Abu Trika had his eyes wet just like the rest of the normal people in Egypt.
Abu Trika was at BeIN sports Live studio at the stadium to comment and analyze the game with veteran coaches Arsene Wagner and Jose Mourinho. 

“Yes, the odd couple sat beside each other quietly thanks to the Gulf Qatari money and seriously I found them suitable to be a perfect casting choice for a new remake of the odd couple !!”

Wagner said that Abu Trika was so happy in the stadium as if the Egyptian National team were the one that won the game.

He should have seen how Egyptians followed the game even in small rural Nile Delta village.

Those beautiful shots were taken by Karim Esam from Nile Delta's Mounfia governorate in a small village in Baogur.

Back to our boys , Abu Trika and Salah met later and had those beautiful shots.

Then we got his beautiful moments with his little family, May God bless them.

God bless Salah for the happiness he brought to millions of Egyptians in these days.

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