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It started and ended in June for him : Ousted Ex-president Morsi passed away during trial "Updated"

Egypt’s ousted ex-president Mohamed Morsi has passed away in Cairo during his trial on Monday, the Egyptian State TV announced.
A few moments ago, Egypt’s Prosecutor general Nabil Sadek’s office issued its first official statement about the death of the country’s fifth president during his trial.

During his espionage trial in New Cairo, the 68-years-old asked to address the court following the defense of the second and the third defendant in the case.
“The court allowed him to speak and the defendant spoke for five minutes, then the court took a recess,” The statement said.

While in the cage with other defendants, Morsi fainted and collapsed. The statement said that he was then transferred to hospital and it turned out that he passed away when he arrived there at 4:50 PM.
Mohamed Morsi
Ousted Ex-president Mohamed Morsi, the fifth president of the Arab Republic of Egypt
behind bars in court (AFP)
The report added that the prosecutor general order a team of prosecution investigators from High State security prosecution and Prosecution general to examine Morsi’s body and to check the CCTV recordings as well as to hear the statements of the defendants and those who attended the incident.

The prosecutor general also delegated a team from Egypt’s forensic authority to prepare a report about his death so it can issue a permit for his burial later.
There are reports that family would be allowed to check his body as a gesture that there is no fool play.

It is unclear how his funeral will be but I do not think it will be a public one or official one.
Most probably it will be held at night quickly with no media.

Mohamed Morsi was standing a trial for conspiring and spying with foreign armed groups aka Hamas during 2011.
It is his retrial actually.
He was sentenced life  “25 years” in prison by the court in May 2015 for conspiring to commit terrorist acts.
He faced several trials and retrials.

According to my observation, it took nearly an hour so the news would find its way to Egyptian local media after he was pronounced dead according to the Prosecutor General’s office.

Updated : 

Mohamed Morsi was buried at a cemetery for the Muslim Brotherhood in Nasr City, Cairo. Only two His sons and wife were allowed to attend the burial according to his lawyer's statement to foreign media.

Family's reaction 

According to Mohamed Morsi’s family, he had suffered from diabetes and it cost him the loss of sight in his left eye and frequent low blood sugar while he was detained in solitary.
Journalist Bel Trew published something in March 2019 about that in The Times.
I guess State Information Service will issue a statement refuting that report made by two British MPs and was published in the Independent in April 2018 and the other Times’ report.

Morsi’s family says that it had seen him in a visit since September 2018.
There is no doubt that the death of Morsi will open a door of questions about the health of political prisoners and detainees especially with their families’ constant complaints about inadequate medical care. 

Needless to say, the comparison of the treatment ousted former President Mubarak who spent most of his detention at Maadi Military hospital’s special Suite got and the treatment ousted former President Morsi is brought up on Social media and it is not in the favor of Mubarak or the current regime or SCAF.

Media coverage 

Egyptian news websites reported the news based on the official short statement released by the ministry of the interior then by the Prosecutor General's office yet there is no mention to his “presidency” from near or far in the title.

The titles only mention “Mohamed Morsi”or his full name “Mohamed Morsi El-Ayyat”
Internationally and historically, Mohamed Morsi is remembered as the first democratically president in the history of Egypt.

Most of the Egyptian TV channels are now airing footage showing "the violence of MB terrorism” in Egypt.

He is the most trended person in Egypt's social media realm on Monday

MB supporters cry him as a hero-martyr whose soul currently residing with prophets in the highest level of heaven while regime supporters decry him as a traitor whose soul is in the deepest

The Muslim Brotherhood’s disbanded political arm declared that its leading member is “a Martyr who was assassinated by Sisi and his army” on its website that is currently banned in Egypt.

It is worth to mention that Morsi is the second most senior member in MB to die in prison technically after the death of former Supreme guide Mahdy Akef in 2017.

It is worth to mention that the Brotherhood is designated as a terrorist organization in the country since December 2013.


The first edition of State-owned newspapers mentioned the death of Morsi shily.
Al-Ahram Newspaper's crime page in its
first edition of Tuesday's issue 
Al-Goumhira's inside news 
Only Akhbar put the news on its

A June Tragedy 

Personally, I believe Mohamed Morsi was a victim of the Brotherhood and its power greed before anyone else.

He was chosen to run in the Presidential elections and to become the President of Egypt with no regards whether he was the best choice for a true democratic transitional period in a country with the size of Egypt or not. Let alone that democracy was not the aim of the group.

He was not even its first choice nor its real top brass or leading figures.

The Brotherhood presented the man who came from Sharkia village as a sacrifice for the sake of Egypt’s rule without any regards that this is the doomed Iron Throne of Egypt that broke down men mightier, more intelligent and wicked than him.

It did not break him only but it broke him and the Brotherhood as well as Egypt’s rare chance for democracy that we may not have again.

The Muslim Brotherhood got its Martyr icon in the 21st century and the current regime in Egypt gave it to them. 

What Morsi said in front of the court is considered a mystery that began to grow to become an urban legend currently.
Some lawyers are claiming that he recited famous verses of poetry about he forgave his country and his people despite they were being unjust to him.

It is like a Greek tragedy or more of Egyptian Melodrama when you see the life of that man and how it ended.

It is more than strange when you find out that he died in June.

It is the same month that witnessed his coronation in 2012 as Egypt’s first democratically elected president in the history of the Republic since 1953.

The 17th June 2012 was actually the last day in the Rerun elections between him and Ahmed Shafik.

I elected him in the re-run despite I am against the MB but for me to oppose a Civilian President after 2011 was a better choice than electing another military-man who threatened to crack down any opposition movement in Tahrir square. He was the less of two evils

Morsi is a president , a headline of Freedom and Justice Newspaper
"Morsi is the President" the first page of Freedom and Justice Newspaper on 18 June 2012
in Tahrir square 
It is the same month that witnessed his ouster in 2013 after mass protests backed by the army in an attempt to preserve democracy as it was said to the Egyptians and to the world.
Against Mohamed Morsi protesters
Game Over Morsi from a protest on 30 June 2013 in Giza governorate 
The rest is history.

The only thing I can say now is "Inna Lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un" or " "We belong to Allah and to Allah we shall return" as Muslim.


  1. May he now Rest in Peace :(

  2. Morsi RIP. If Egyptians could have seen the future they would have voted him president for life.


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