Monday, July 29, 2019

Stranger Things Egyptian version : Alaa Mubarak is accused of solidarity with the MB

It is a strange time when you find Alaa Mubarak is being reported to the High State prosecution for “solidarity with Muslim Brotherhood” !! 

Yes, notorious lawyer Samir Sabry has just done the impossible and accused Hosni Mubarak’s eldest son of “inciting the public opinion against the state in solidarity with the MB” because of a tweet.

It comes at the same time when Alaa Mubarak is facing a huge attack in Egyptian Media Group’s various publications especially Youm 7 that reminds him of his corruption during his father’s reign.
Alaa Mubarak and Hosni Mubarak
Alaa and his father ousted President Mubarak in one of their
retrials "Getty images" 

It is truly strange times because now we found a news website like Youm 7 attacking Alaa Mubarak reminding him how “ The 25th January revolution” erupted against his father and his own financial corruption!!
Usually, the Egyptian Media-owned Youm 7 considers the #25Jan revolution as a foreign plot to destroy the “Egyptian state” so seeing it recognizing it because of Alaa Mubarak is truly strange.

Already the founders of Youm 7 were NDP members close to Gamal Mubarak whom it used to promote as the upcoming leader of Egypt and since the first call to protest on 25 January 2011 emerged online, the website took the side of the regime. 

Again all this because a single tweet Alaa Mubarak posted it last week: a tweet where he criticized Egypt’s minister of immigration Nabila Makram after her infamous incident in Canada. “She tried to downplay it as expected” 

From what I understood, the son of the former president said that what Makram did and said in Canada was an irresponsible action which is actually true.
On Sunday, Alaa Mubarak deleted the tweet and said that he was raised to respect the “State institutions” and that he rejected to find his name “used in insulting the Egyptian state” as MB-channels-based in Turkey began to highlight his tweet.

It was not the only tweet he deleted, he deleted also a tweet where he posted allegedly a fake document accusing Youm 7 website and newspaper Khaled Salah of sodomy while he was detained in the 1990s !! “Salah’s uncle was a leading figure in the Notorious Gama’a Al-Islamiyaa in Giza’s Imbaba and I think he was arrested after the storming of his uncle’s stronghold in the infamous Imbaba battle of the 1990s”

Aside from the fact that it was obviously fake, that document actually incriminates Mubarak’s criminal and jail system.

I missed all that action on Twitter because Alaa Mubarak has blocked me online.
I can’t remember the reason.
Maybe because I wondered how his son Omar traveled to Europe to attend the Italian football premier league matches when he was officially banned from travel.

Alaa Mubarak is currently Mubarak’s son under the spotlight for real for news like how he was allegedly banned from attending the AFCON 2019 games in the stadium along with his brother or how he praised the old football team.

It is worth to mention Karim Hussein, one of the famous admins behind the infamous “ I am sorry Mubarak” Facebook page was arrested earlier this month on charges of spreading news.
In some irony, the human rights lawyers who are usually attacked on that FB are currently following up his case and defending him.
Some claimed that Karim Hussein was the true admin of Alaa Mubarak’s Twitter account.
There has been no confirmation or denial considering this issue but one thing for sure, Alaa Mubarak is active tweep already.

Aside from Alaa Mubarak’s Twitter activity, he and his brother are still standing a trial for stock market fraud that is still going on.
We forgot this trial actually but we remember it when we found out that in July, its judges' panel hosted for the first time in the history of the Egyptian Criminal Court a woman judge.
This Judge is called Judge Fatima Qandil and it is the most interesting thing happened in that trial recently.

It is worth to mention that the Mubaraks brothers and their former president father are officially guilty of embezzlement.
According to their conviction, they can’t have any political activity like running for elections or heading political parties because we are speaking about crimes related to honor.
Still, Alaa Mubarak is accused of collaborating with the MB after all that !!

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