Sunday, November 3, 2019

The NYPD Cops are really bad so we should not follow them in Egypt

On Saturday, hundreds of people mostly from Youth protested downtown Brooklyn for hours the infamous New York Police Department’s treatment to people after two incidents last week that were filmed on video.

The first video showed a brawl between a group of teens and NYPD policemen in a Brooklyn Subway station where one policeman was filmed punching two teenagers in an attempt to break up a fight between two groups of teenagers on Friday, 22 October.

The second video which was also filmed on Friday, 22 October showed at least 10 NYPD police storming a Subway train car to arrest young African American man violently o suspicion of having a gun.
19-years-old Adrian Napier did not have any gun. He did not have a ticket too.
Officially, he was charged with the theft of a ticket.
The video caused huge controversy because it showed again the racial bias based on color when it comes to New York finest, nothing is new here.
Here is the video from the protest by Blommbergy’s Tictoc

The video went viral with 1.5 million views alone on the original video, we do not speak about the video copies to the level that it reached the other side of the world, to Egypt.

Here are Shorouk Newspaper, Youm 7 “an inflammatory title: Watch NYPD arrests a passenger who does have a ticket”, Dot Misr “With the same headline of its sister publication Youm7” and Sawt Al-Oma. It is worth to mention the last three are owned by Egyptian Media Group.
At the same time for real. 
It seemed that the Samsung device is still operating in Egypt.
Why did the Egyptian news websites get an interest in sharing this news from the other side of the world?
Spoiler: It has nothing to do with human rights or citizens' rights.

It has to do with the same old school followed by the Pro-regime media which is “Shit happens everywhere”.
So what shit did we have currently that is closely related to the shit in the big apple? “Excuse my French”

Mohamed Eid’s train tragedy that took place last week.

Last Monday, Egypt woke up on a tragedy when it was announced that a man died after jumping from a train while it was moving fast because the conductor of the train told him to jump according to eyewitnesses for not having a train ticket.

23-years-old Mohamed Eid jumped to his death from an Alexandria-Luxor train on 28 October 2019 as the conductor busted him and his friend without tickets.
Mohamed Eid
Late Eid while serving in the army from a not
long time ago 

Near a Gharbia’s train station, the two men jumped per the orders of the conductor who wanted them to get the hell out of his train to avoid any accountability as minister of transportation Kamel Al-Wazir warned earlier the conductors before of leaving passengers without tickets.

Needless to say, the minister did not tell the conductors to force the passengers with no tickets to jump while the train is moving, he told them to act according to the law which is, in that case, to hand them over to the police in the next station.

There has been huge criticism to General El-Wazir, the current minister of transportation especially with the initial statements of the Railways authority and his statements to the media anger many people.
He began to see the ministry of transportation’s curse in action.

Sadly enough, we found some people defending the actions of the conductor
The accident shocked Egypt and the sad story of Mohamed Eid who used to work as a vendor at Moaz Street became viral along with his pictures as well as a video of him singing the cruelty of life. He is currently labeled as the “Ticket’s Martyr”.

On Saturday, Egypt’s Prosecutor General announced that the conductor was referred to the Criminal court for two charges including causing injuries that led to the death of one of the two men and deliberately injuring the other youth.

When streets were flooded in Cairo from two weeks ago, all news websites, as well as Pro-regime social media accounts, kept reminding us that this happened everywhere including Qatar.

The accident of Eid is sad and it is forcing Egyptians to ask many questions especially about themselves.
The passengers did not act except after the two young men jumped as many noticed when they could have interfered and stopped the conductor from opening the train door while it is moving.

Anyhow to back to the big Apple, well in a pathetic attempt the pro-regime media tried to tell us passengers without tickets are treated badly everywhere even in the United States.
Well , they forgot some important points :
The NYPD is facing huge criticism that reached the level of protests in the Big Apple.
The NYPD did not force 19-years-old Adrian Napier to jump off the train while it was moving
The NYPD has got a very bad, really bad record when it comes to human rights that you should not take it as an example.
Human rights and civil society activists go after NYPD too.
The protests were not covered in the Egyptian press as it is an important development in the story.

In nutshell, the NYPD is a bad example that we should not follow their cops when it comes to the treatment of civilians.

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  1. Nobody really thinks it's ok to make people jump from a moving train, even if they are criminals. But in NYC, fare evasion has reached an absurd level. 208,000 gate jumpers per day. About 4% of riders. It's way past time to put a beat down the crooks. "Youths", LOL. Personally, I hope the NYPD crack a few skulls.


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