Tuesday, November 5, 2019

MP El-Tantawy has no place in Egypt now according to parliament speaker

On Tuesday, Egypt’s House of Representatives announced that it referred MP Ahmed El-Tantawy to a disciplinary committee.

The decision was taken after reportedly 95 MPs reported him and demanded that he would refer to the disciplinary committee with a possible outcome of being expelled.

“Who speaks about the elections, the constitutional amendments, the nation and the political leadership negatively has no place in Egypt,” House of Representatives Speaker Ali Abdel Aal said on Tuesday while raising the bar for Pro-regime speakers before him or after him.
MP Ahmed Tantawy in one of the parliamentary sessions in Cairo
"Cairo 24" 
The speaker added that just because that freedom granted to humans, did not mean that they are allowed to speak in everything with no limits !!

So how did El-Tantawy speak negatively about the Egyptian nation and the political leadership?

The Nasserite politician presented a-12-points initiative about forming 12 parliamentary committees made equally from the opposition and majority MPs “How many real opposition MPs do we have in the first place ?” to support political and economic reforms in order to end this political deadlock in Egypt on Sunday in an hour and something video.

He posted this video on both his official Youtube channel and Facebook page. Despite it is a very long video, it generated combined more than 300,000 views in those few days.

In nutshell, El-Tantawy proposes that current Egyptian president Abdel Fattah El-Sisi leave the office in 2022 and to hold early presidential elections instead of waiting till 2024 according to the recent constitutional amendments which were held earlier this year.

He also suggested a complete reform of the ministry of interior and the immediate release of detainees not involved in acts of violence.

El-Tantawy who was from the few that rejected the Tiran and Sanafir deal with Saudi Arabia suggested the revision of all the international deals Egypt signed during the rule of Abdel Fattah El-Sisi.

I think MP Ahmed El-Tantawy is too brave to propose such an initiative in Egypt now.
FYI, he presented that reforms initiative to the House of Representatives officially.

I only know about the video from social media when I found the old same small debate about whether people should support and trust El-Tantawy or not.

That debate started by none other than Egypt’s infamous whistleblower and self-exiled businessman Mohamed Ali on Twitter.

Mohamed Ali declared his support to him on Twitter.

Some of Ali’s supporters specifically from the MB and Islamist camp say that they should not trust Tantawy because he is an MP in “El-Sisi’s parliament” while others say that that initiative is meant to embarrass the current administration and to expose it to the public.

MP Ahmed El-Tantawy is considered already the black sheep of the parliament.
He is one of the few truly active opposition outspoken members in the House of Representatives left in the first place.
The movement against El-Tantawy is getting larger whether inside the parliament or outside it. Now, notorious Samir Sabry reported to him to the prosecutor general for attempting to topple the regime.

The Democratic Civil Movement declared its support to the initiative while almost all of the other parties and active political powers in Egypt rejected it cursing El-Tantawy for thinking in this way and standing with the Muslim Brotherhood against the state.

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