Sunday, November 10, 2019

Happy belated Mawlid Nabawy 2019 : Do not forget your brothers in faith in China and India

Happy belated Mawlid Nabawy for all Muslims all over the globe.

To be honest I wish we as Muslims can celebrate Prophet Mohamed “PBUH”’s birthday anniversary in better circumstances where Muslims are not suffering like now as many of them suffer from wars and dictatorships, even both at the same time.

The Mosque's entrance at Prince Mohamed Ali estate in Egypt's Cairo مدخل مسجد قصر الامير محمد على
The entrance of  Prince Mohamed Ali's estate Mosque 
This year in addition of having millions of Muslims as refugees “If you gather Muslims from Syria, Burma, Palestine and Yemen, you will have the biggest refugee group based on faith worldwide” and Muslims killing Muslims “Whether governments in Muslim countries killing other Muslim population because they are dictatorships or radical terrorists killing Muslims because they are terrorists”, we got millions of Muslims in China and India who suffer in silent and nobody is helping them for real, even with a condemnation statement.

This week, we found The Independent publishing a very disturbing report claiming that Chinese Uighur Muslim women are forced to share bed with Chinese Han officials as their husbands in Prison to make sure that they are not practicing Islam !!
Even if the Independent’s report is fake “I hope it is fake because this level of oppression is disgusting”.

There is well documented and confirmed evidence that the Chinese Uighur Muslims are suffering in China.
The BBC documentary about those scary “transformation camp” is real evidence that there is a trouble for Muslims in big China.

If you are not troubled after seeing this then there is something wrong.
No Muslim country dares to raise the issues of the Muslim minority in China because of the political and economic relations with China !!

Even Al-Azhar that speaks about Islamophobia in the West all the time does not speak about these genocidal actions of the Chinese government.
I know that Sheikh Al-Azhar Ahmed Al-Tayib did intervene to stop the extradition of some Chinese Uighurs to China after their arrest from a couple of years in Egypt but at least a short statement can break the silence and give a little support to the UN statements.

Even Turkey which actually one of the few countries that used to raised the Uighur issue worldwide due to their Turkic ethnicity is ignoring the Uighurs now because of the Turkish-Chinese economic relations. 

Here are the Turks celebrating that Chinese silk road train.
This is too much for the Turkish government and President Erdogan that speaks on behalf of Muslims every minute.
The mainstream media in the Muslim world did not even give any proper attention to the issue from near or far.

Moving to those Millions of Muslims living in India who are currently living hard and scary days with the rise of the radical Hindu nationalism that wants to erase anything related to Muslims in their country aside from the dangerous escalation in Kashmir.

The religious hate crimes against Muslims surge under Modi’s rule and they are not alone because the Christian minority began to feel the heat. The world does not want to act upon the experience that it always starts with somebody and the rest follows. 

Now just like in the case of Great China, India’s Modi and his nationalist government that gets cozy to the Right-wing parties of Europe got away with that ongoing escalation against Muslims because of those political and economic relations.

Modi was already honored with the highest civilian honor in UAE “The order of Zayed” in August !!

India has been a great example of secular nations outside the West, now this secularism is flying away in that right-wing wave taking the world by storm.

I totally do not understand because we are speaking about the safety of other humans’ lives, the human life for Allah “SWT” is more important than the Kaaba and there had been bigger official anger about the Western offensive cartoons than what is taking place in China and India.

I won’t speak about public anger because the majority of Muslims at least in the Arab world do not follow what is happening on the other side of the world thanks to the mainstream media.

I know Many Muslim countries are not the perfect example for the treatment of ethnic or religious minorities but two wrongs do not make right.
I just pray these troubling days end soon.
Happy Mawlid and May Allah bring peace for this troubled world.

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