Saturday, January 25, 2020

#Jan25 …. in Baghdad … in Beirut and in Cairo

It is 25 January 2020, folks

In Cairo, there is a huge security presence and the police forces are celebrating their national day by distributing flowers and sweets on the public.

There is a huge security alert because on the virtual world, Long time army contractor/one-time actor/whistleblower/political activist in exile Mohamed Ali called for a huge revolution on that day.

Unsurprisingly it did not happen and Ali declared that he quit politics and he will focus on construction as well as his acting career.
Despite the majority of the people know that there will be no anti-regime massive protests, the authorities are worried because last September no one would have imagined that some people would go and chant against the regime after all those years.

Needless to say, the mainstream media is celebrating only the day as the Police National Day while all the TV hosts are cursing the revolution and it is not a shock anymore
There is no big change on how the media covers the media now, in fact, I will be surprised if the mainstream media speaks nicely about the 2011 revolution.

There is sadness and despair that the January revolution did not make it as it should. I am trying not to fall in to this as much as I can “I will be lying if I say I did not”.

For me, the 25 January revolution is not fully dead and it is still alive as part of that thing still going on in our part of the world that the West called “The Arab Spring”.
Here is Baghdad’s Tahrir square rocking with protesters who standing high and firm despite they are facing corrupted political system backed by deadly regional and international powers.

Already at least three people were killed in Al-Naseriyah area by the militias.

Yet this did not stop, it won’t stop them because it makes angrier. I know that because I have lived and despite each country has its own circumstances yet we can relate to each other anger and despair.
Iraqi protesters in Tahrir square
Iraqi protesters in Tahrir square, Baghdad on 25 January 2011 "Ali Dab Dab" 
In Beirut, Lebanon; thousands of protesters took the streets to protest not only a corrupted sectarian political system backed by regional and international powers but also highly corrupted banking system.

So yes, nine years later there are protesters in the Arab world taking the streets for their rights.
It is not about January 25,2011, it is about the reasons and causes that led to January 25, 2011, or to be accurate January 28,2011.

As long as those reasons and causes are still there, it can revive at any point on any date sooner or later. This is what history tells us.

In the end, I will leave with this rap about January 25, Tahrir square and the children of the revolution that once touched the 7th heaven of dreams in one jump and then went to the 7th hell of reality abyss.

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