Thursday, March 19, 2020

15 political detainees released in Egypt

Egypt’s High State security prosecution ordered on Thursday the release of 15 political opposition detainees including Dr. Hassan Nafaa, Dr. Shady El-Ghazly Harb and Hazem Abdel Azim.

Dr. Hassan Nafaa was arrested during September 2019 arrests following the videos of whistleblower Mohamed Ali and the famous 20 September protests.
Both El-Ghazly Harb and Hazem Abdel Azim were arrested in 2018.

The release of those activists comes amidst a campaign organized by opposition parties and powers in Egypt for a week or two now calling for the release of detainees because of Coronavirus concerns. Among those who spoke openly about this campaign was Mohamed ElBaradei.
Mainstream media ignored completely. It is worth to mention that Iran, Bahrain and Spain released some of their detainees and prisoners temporarily

Thanks for the great four ladies who stood alone on Wednesday in a protest in downtown Cairo demanding the release of detainees over Coronavirus concerns.
Egyptian political activists Laila and Ahdat Soueif and Rabab El-Mahdy "By Mona Seif"
Egyptian political activists Laila and Ahdat Soueif and Rabab
El-Mahdy "By Mona Seif" 
Those four ladies are Ahdaf Soueif, Laila Soueif, Mona Seif and Rabab El-Mahdy.
They were arrested and accused of a bunch of charges, but they were released on LE 5000 bail each early Thursday morning.

They paid the bail, but they have been released at last after many hours. Dr. Laila Soeuif was taken to High State security prosection where she found herself accused with set new charges in a Case.
She was released on LE 3000 bail pending investigation.

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