Friday, March 6, 2020

Coronavirus on the Nile : New 12 cases in Egypt "Updated"

Just from a couple of minutes ago, Egypt’s Health Ministry and World Health Organization “WHO” announced the discovery of 12 new cases that test positive to Coronavirus raising the number of discovered the Novel Coronavirus in the country to 15 cases.

The 12 cases are for Egyptians who work on a Nile Cruise coming from Aswan to Luxor.
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The “index case” of this outbreak was the US-Taiwanese tourist who was on the board of the cruise who was discovered in the United States and according to the news report, she did not only transmit the virus to the 12 Egyptians but to two US tourists on the same cruise who returned back to the States.

This outbreak shows that the virus has nothing to with the warm weather because Luxor and Aswan are usually warmer than the rest of the county in the time of that cruise.

The Egyptian MOH stated that all the people who dealt with the index case have been placed under quarantine for 14 days and they showed no symptoms but after conducting PCR tests, 12 Egyptian workers were tested positive and have been placed under more medical restricted quarantine.

Now officially the number of people infected by the virus since its outbreak jumped into 15 cases in Egypt.

The first case was for a Chinese citizen who was cured while the second case was a Canadian citizen working in the oil sector and currently is under quarantine.

On Thursday, it was announced that a 44-years-old Egyptian citizen who arrived from Serbia after 12-hour transit in France was tested positive for the virus.

He is considered the first documented Egyptian case inside the country carrying the virus and the third case in total.

There are at least two documented Egyptian expats who are suffering from Coronavirus in Italy which hosts Egypt’s biggest community in Europe.

The announcement of the MOH and WHO came hours after the announcement of authorities in Texas that five cases in the State visited Egypt and returned back with the virus. It is unclear if they took transit in Europe or not.

Later, authorities in the State of Maryland stated that three US citizens who have visited Egypt and contracted the virus in a Nile Cruise "It seems that it is the same cruise mentioned above" and returned back to the States on 20 February.

It is a blow to the tourism industry in Egypt without a doubt in a big year but realistically speaking, this virus hit the travel and tourism hard for half of the year worldwide, not only Egypt.

The Egyptian government is following the precaution procedures released by the WHO and just in case of an outbreak, it assigned several public hospitals as quarantine hospitals to receive any suspected Coronavirus patients.

I found this alleged list of hospitals par governorates online.

The list of hospitals in Arabic 
As an Egyptian citizen, I believe hotels, Nile cruises, airports, metro, tourists buses and touristic attractions should be sterilized ASAP.

It is the least we can do for our safety and the safety of our guests and our people.

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  1. Stay well. the CDC suggests 6 feet distance from others if possible. Wash hands often all day long. No handshaking, use "fist bumps" to greet.


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