Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Coronavirus on the Nile : Pandemic in time of heavy rains , Patients number hit 67 but people are recovering "Live updated"

Sensitizing EgyptAir airplane at Cairo International Airport
Sensitizing EgyptAir airplane at Cairo International
World Health Organization has just announced that the Coronavirus can be characterized as a Pandemic from a few minutes ago.

At the same time, Egypt’s ministry of health announced that the number of Coronavirus patients in the country increased from 59 to 60 but at the same time the 27 cases have tested negative after positive.

EgyptAir sanitized Cairo International airport as well as its airplanes which is a great move.

Nevertheless, the main event in Cairo tonight is not Corona but rather the heavy rains and medicanes/storms expected in the country and it looks like the apocalypse will happen literally on Thursdays with the number of warnings, statements, preparations, and official warnings again.

I am having another live Blog event to keep all news and statements in one place.

Live Blog


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