Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Good will prevail eventually : We can fight Coronavirus Asian Xenophobia in Egypt "Updated"

I was going to write a very angry post about this sad incident that happened to an Asian man from a couple of days ago and make some noise so Uber can do an action to correct partially what has happened.

The story started with a video and a couple of photos showing some ride-hailing app driver dropping an Asian man in the middle of the Ring high way while covering his nose and mouth.

Wednesday afternoon, news came that the Egyptian authorities arrested the driver who dropped the Asian man and the man who filmed the incident as the story went viral. Both men have been detained four pending investigation on Thursday per the orders of general persecution.

I am really sorry for the Asian man either ways.

The man who filmed the whole incident was actually mocking and making fun of that Asian man who could not find help.

The man who filmed the clip is rude if I may say.

It was a sad video that makes you feel sorry about how Egyptian society has become or to be accurate how some Egyptians have become.

Luckily, many denounced the video online and attacked the driver and the video shooter who had to close down his Facebook account because people attacked him.

Now the truly good news for real was that a group of Egyptians found the young man and apologized to him
Cairo-based-Chinese journalist  Faiha Wong found the young man and helped that group in finding him.

In the comments on Wang’s Video, I found some smart pants wondering why we should apologize to the man when the Chinese government treats the Muslim Uighurs like shit.
I do not know what to say but the Chinese Muslim Uighurs are not white Caucasians and actually, they will suffer now in the World because of their Asian looks.

Here is another example of how Asian people are suffering now in Egypt, the testimony of half Egyptian Half Japanese Hana Hesham on how she was being treated right now in her home Egypt.

In fact, because I support the Muslim Uighurs, I can’t accept or tolerate any act of racism.
Because I am a practicing Muslim, I can’t tolerate any kind of racism like that.
By the way, on Tuesday a post by a Muslim Chinese young man called “Munalai” studying in Egypt’s Al-Azhar went viral for all the right reasons.

“Do not be weak, do not be sad and do not belittle yourself {The Egyptians}, do not say that our country [Egypt} is retarded because racism in the West is higher than the nations of the Arabs. Do not say that the citizens {Egyptians} are rude because there are one million citizens who denounce those individual personal actions. This shows your high manners and respect. Any country got Moses and Aaron, also has got the Pharaoh and his vizier Haman.  This is Allah’s norm and it won’t change.”
The guy’s Arabic is prefect and he expressed himself eloquently.

Now how can we fight this? Simple steps like taking this denouncement and rejection spirit and spread whether in the social media and mainstream media. Celebrities can play a part especially when I remember in early February, Comedian mega star Mohamed Henedy shared jokes and memes about Chinese and Asian people using scenes from his film "The Great Beans of China" in a silly way.
 I will not bring political correctness card because we are speaking about decency and politeness now before any other thing
No to Asian-Racism
That scene altered with the mask is not funny 
I am happy that many denounced what happened to the Chinese man and I am glad that this group of Egyptians found him and apologized to him on behalf of many other Egyptians.
I am happy that the Chinese Muslim student wrote this simple paragraph to remind you of the fundamental fact that no one people are racist pricks.
Maybe there is a good chance that good will prevail and we can fight xenophobia after all. 

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