Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Coronavirus on the Nile : Patients number reaches 59 but Some have recovered, No public gatherings in Egypt and Lebanon’s first COVID19 fatality "Live"

I could not write and publish this daily update because it I am really tired and exhausted , it is one of those times journalists around the globe that feel the stress to the bone.
Anyhow in Monday and Tuesday here is the latest updates concerning Coronavirus and its panic , yes there is panic
To be honest , I do not understand if this global panic was right in its place or was too much.
Corona Hot Chocolate 

May be as a veteran Egyptian who suffers from cold and flu every year , sometimes I feel I do not get the fuss especially the death rate has not reached an alarming point yet and hopefully it won’t.
I want to write something about Grand Ethiopian Dam but I can’t find proper time to deal with this extremely critical and important matter.
The first part of the post will be pinned while the rest I will be using Live updating to catch news quickly like respectable news blog in those tough days

Corona Patients numbers increase but some have began to recover already 

The Novel Coronavirus patients began to recover in Egypt according to the latest Ministry of health’s
Late Monday , Egypt’s Health Ministry and World Health Organization “WHO” declared that the number of Coronavirus patients in the country increased to 59.

According to the Egyptian MOH, the new cases that tested positive are 4 cases ; a foreigner lady and three Egyptians.

The official MOH did not elaborate much about the case but the word in the media since last night that the foreign lady was actually the widow of the German tourist who passed away in Hurghada because of Coronavirus and became the country’s first COVID19 fatality.  

The other three Egyptians are said to be from the people who interacted with the Coronavirus patients in the past few days. They were all transferred to the quarantine hospital in Marsa Matrouh

In a co-joint press conference with other ministers over Coronavirus  by Health Minister Hala Zayid stated an interesting fact that out of those 59 cases tested positive for Coronavirus , 51 did not show any symptoms.

She also revealed on Wednesday Egypt will receive the batch of a new Coronavirus testing kit that was introduced only to the world last week.

Also interesting fact was revealed in the press by the minister of media state affairs Osama Heikal "Yes, both are back whether the title or Heikal in government" , Egypt will test all incoming travelers starting from Wednesday. I do not know but this means not the travelers were being examined before.

Live update

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  1. Thank you for ability to distill information and share it with all of us who are confused by what is going on---from the Revolution to Corona.


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