Friday, March 13, 2020

Dragon Storm hits Egypt : The morning after the dragon

According to Egypt’s official weather forecast, the unstable weather conditions wave will continue on Friday but God is merciful enough to give us a break after long of unprecedented rain. At least 20 people were killed on Thursday according to the statements of the government on Friday.

Already since last night, it was speculated that it was more than five especially that more photos and videos began to emerge showing horrifying scenes of alleged bodies floating in flooding streets and people screaming here and there about how flooding water was electrocuted.

On Saturday, stories began to emerge about how some people lost their lives while attempting to save others from the heavy rain and flooded streets.
One of the areas that hit badly by the storm is the 15 May Shantytown in Helwan which has got at least 9 people dead and 25 others considered missing including women and children at least on Thursday due to heavy rains that turned in to floods.

75% of the huts collapsed according to activists because of the heavy rain.

15 May Shantytown is made of unlicensed huts and buildings where its extremely poor people’s main profession is collecting garbage and sorting it in that area that lacks any decent living facility.
I won’t lie but this is the first time I hear about this area in Cairo. This shows you how much it is neglected and fell off the map.

Here is a video showing the floods in the area.

Another video

The Red Crescent is currently helping them along with the ministry of social solidarity per the directive of the Egyptian president Abdel Fattah El-Sisi.

Needless to say, also Egypt’s Upper-class districts in Sheikh Zayed and New Cairo, especially New Cairo suffered from heavy rains damages !! Dragon storm did not separate from the poor or rich.
New Suez highway.
The new Suez highway drowned
as you see 

The 26 July axis highway connecting Cairo to October city and Sheikh Zayed districts had a 100-meter long and 2-meter depth landslide

The Ring road connecting Cairo to New Cairo was also damaged and suffered a collapse for about 70 meters long !! 

The New Suez highway drowned also !!

I guess the government should think again about investing in the Sewage system in the old cities because it seems climate change will make Egypt a rainy country after all.

The Egyptian government decided to give a day off to students in schools and universities on Saturday.

Needless to say, if we have true parliament and democracy, we can see true accountability in action and investigations on how billions of pounds are spent in corruption.

This is the true Mubarak’s legacy. The new Cairo outskirts extensions whether East Cairo in New Cairo or West Cairo in Sheikh Zayed.

Ironically both Sheikh Zayed and New Cairo were originally planned to be for the Middle Class and low working Classes but then the plan changed and turned them into Upper-Class upscale districts with gated communities and compounds.
Egyptian citizens invested and bought residential units whether apartments or villas or even palaces, they pay taxes as well but in return, we see an infrastructure that can’t stand the rain.

26 July axis and the Ring road highway connecting New Cairo were also damaged !! Both were among his great achievements according to some. 
Even the 15 May Shantytown is from his legacy.

The fact that the government had to cut power and water in areas for more than 12 hours shows you how strong Mubarak's infrastructure is !!

Some people in Egypt and the West had the audacity to mourn Hosni Mubarak as the beacon of stability and that we brought on ourselves a curse when he was ousted in February 2011.
Sorry, what you have seen in the past 24 from decaying infrastructure was Mubarak’s true legacy of corruption and incompetence.
People did not go on 25 January or 28 January 2011 standing in front of the armed police force to get killed or injured for no reason.
Mubarak’s legacy was fake stability hiding years of corruption and incompetence.
This man had enough time, he was the longest president/ruler serving in Egypt has seen in Modern Times after Mohamed Ali, the founder of Modern Egypt.

He had enough time to fix the mistakes of Nasser and Sadat and to uplift Egypt in time of peace.
The Dragon storm should fly away for real on Saturday especially after the damage it left before.

Anyhow, I will leave this here.

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