Saturday, April 18, 2020

Coronavirus on the Nile : Easter , Sham El-Nassim and Ramadan in week “Live Updated”

Here we are starting another week in the time of Coronavirus in Egypt and the world.
Just as the daily record of Coronavirus infections in Egypt has been increasing in the past three days, we are starting a new week with a new challenge called “Social gathering” for real.
From Bahtim
A photo from Bahtim by
Moussa Al-Zarif 
This is the ultimatum week as we are starting it with Orthodox Easter on Sunday, Sham El-Nassim on Monday and then the commence of the Holy Month of Ramadan on Friday.
The Egyptian government made it clear that Egyptians are not going to spend Easter/Sham El-Nassim in parks and on the beaches as well as we usually do. This is our short spring break vacation.
The government is imposing a near-complete curfew on Sunday and Monday.
Ramadan is going to start on Friday, which means that there will be an apocalyptical shopping spree in the Egyptian markets.
A sociable month already, the Egyptian government suspended all kind of activity involving public gatherings in Ramadan including prayers and Ramadan charity banquets.
Hopefully, we will get through those tough days safely.
Here is the Live update from 24 Live. Be safe and stay at home, please.

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