Monday, April 20, 2020

Coronavirus on the Nile : Sham El-Nassim in time of COVID-19

It is that beautiful time of Spring in Egypt, it is Sham El-Nassim.

It is Egypt’s oldest Celebration day that Egyptians have kept celebrating since the time of ancient Egypt till the 21st century.

But this year, it is Coronavirus that have locked down millions and millions of people in their homes in the past three months.

It is probably one of the few Sham El-Nassim Days in the history of our old Nation where people are forced to stay to at home because the government shut down all the parks, shops and beaches till Tuesday morning to curb the public gatherings and thus the spread of Coronavirus.

Egypt has already recorded over 3000 Coronavirus cases including over 200 deaths and over 700 full recovered cases.

Now here is a couple of photos from Cairo and Alexandria showing rare scenes but to be frank it seems that Mother Nature began to restore its health in Egypt too.

Here is Cairo on Sham El-Nassim by Moussa El-Zarif. 

Cairo in time of Coronavirus
An overview for Zamalek by Moussa El-Zarif 

Cairo in time of Coronavirus
October bridge between Zamalek and Agouza by Moussa El-Zarif

Here is a couple of Photos from Alexandria and it is an unbelievable scene for the Corniche.

Alexandria during Coronavirus
Near San Stefano during Sham El-Nassim

Here is a video, the scene is real. 

FYI, the sea is Alexandria usually begins to look clear in April and May but this is extra clear and clean.

Alexandria's Corniche during COVID-19
The famous Corniche of Alexandria 

The photos from Stanely bay are unbelievable. 

Alexandria's Stanley Bay
Alexandria's Stanley Bay by Abdel Aziz Mohamed 

Here is a rest of the photos. 

It seems that the Mediterranean is having a break for real against pollution resulted from ships.

Not the first Sham El-Nassim to be cancelled or rather adjourned
From Akher Saa magazine
Akher Saa magazine

 Yes, it is the first Sham El-Nassim to be cancelled officially in Egypt. 

In 1948, when the country was hit by the Cholera epidemic a year earlier, doctors believed it was better to cancel Sham El-Nassim celebration to curb the spread of Cholera. The doctors found support from none other than Muslim scholars as it tuned out that Sham El-Nassim would come in Ramadan and so there was a suggestion to adjourn Sham El-Nassim. 

And it is not Sham El-Nassim without her. 

Happy Sham El-Nassim and Happy Easter.

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