Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Coronavirus on the Nile : COVID-19 in three months in Egypt “Graphs”

I am not an expert in statistics but I know the power of numbers.

I gathered the numbers of Coronavirus in Egypt since its outbreak in February 2020 when a Chinese citizen tested positive for COVID-19.

Sensitizing the Great Pyramid of Giza by Roger Anis
Sensitizing the Great Pyramid of Giza
by Roger Anis

Needless to say, the real outbreak of the virus started in March with the infamous case of ASara Nile Cruise in Luxor, Upper Egypt.

In the same month, Some Egyptians who live and work in Italy returned back carrying the virus and many of those Egyptians lived in Nile Delta governorates.

They entered the country as it seems without proper medical testing.

The initial mass outbreak began in March and it grew in April but unfortunately, the real massive outbreak happened in May or rather the Holy Month of Ramadan when the government shortened the partial curfew imposed and people began to socialize as usual in the holy month.

From covering closely the cases and the official numbers day by day as they are released by the Egyptian Ministry of Health and WHO Egypt, I made this graph showing the COVID-19 daily cases and how it grows day by day since March.

I did not include the case of February but it is still counted. 

As you can we have not flattened the curve as we have been hoping since mid-March or in April when “Flatten the curve” was trendy.

Now to the bad side of Coronavirus, the death toll.

Despite Egypt has not got so far the biggest number of Coronavirus in the Arab world, it has got the highest number of deaths.

Egypt also the highest number of COVID-19 deaths in Africa.

Egypt has a high death rate, unfortunately.

According to the ministry of health, many of the Coronavirus cases that passed either entered hospitals in every critical status or they died while they were in their way to hospitals.

Another important factor besides entering hospitals in a very late status, we got the chronic diseases. Egypt got one of the highest rates worldwide when it comes to high blood pressure. According to Egyptian doctors in 2017, 26.3% of Egyptians suffer from high blood pressure disease alone and according to the health ministry. I have not gotten into the number of diabetes too. 

Personally, I believe chronic diseases in Egypt play a destructive role with Corona. It is a scary thing because we all got parents, grandparents and relatives who suffer from chronic disease in every Egyptian household for real.

Now to the good news, the full recovered patients.

Egypt has a high recovery rate but it is overshadowed by the death rate.

We got to be optimistic but also careful

Now geographically, Cairo tops the Egyptian governorates in the number of Coronavirus cases followed by Giza and then Qalyubia aka The Great Cairo province and it is not shocking or a surprise.

According to the Egyptian Ministry of Health, the Red Sea, Matrouh and South Sinai recorded the least number of cases till the end of May.

I am worried like any other concerned Egyptian. I have got elderly in my family I am worried about. Please stay safe, stay at home for the current time if you are in Egypt as much as you can. I know it is depressing but it is safer. 

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