Saturday, June 6, 2020

Coronavirus on the Nile : Live update for all things COVID-19 in Egypt and Arab Region

Another week under the Coronavirus pandemic. I lost counting already. By I know very well that we are in June and according to the recent statements of the Egyptian officials, we have not got to the Coronavirus curve’s peak as the peak will be something of 2500 patients recorded per day !!

Now, this is scary.

From Minya , Egyptian family wearing face masks
From Minya, Egyptian family wearing face masks 
By Mohamed Hakim 

What is scarier is that the government is continuing to open up the country which did not have a proper lockdown in the first place.

The government is speaking about the economy and personally, I believe the economy will be in a more critical condition if we hit by 2,500 cases of Coronavirus.

It is worth to mention that the Egyptian government is going to get a new $ 5.3 billion loan from the IMF.

Anyhow here is the Live Update of Egyptian Chronicles for this week. Please stay home and stay safe.

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