Saturday, June 27, 2020

Coronavirus on the Nile : The grand re-opening of 27 June in Egypt "Live Updates"

On Saturday, the Egyptian government reopened many businesses and activities the country following three months of not-very strict lockdown and partial curfew due to economic reasons according to the Egyptian officials.

Earlier Saturday, Mosques opened across the country its doors for the first Dawn prayer service for the public.

It was a relief to hear the Azan again. Worshipers are required to pray with masks and bring their praying mats as well as of course to follow the social distancing rules.

I do not know if this is going to be followed in rural areas or poor areas in the country.

Saturday eve, many reported that cafes re-opened for business and people were in the streets as if it were the feast eve.

This is at the same time have not crossed yet the peak of the Coronavirus like other countries according to the calculations of officials and health experts not to mention the testimonies of the public about COVID-19 spread.

Personally, I fear there will be an increase in cases within the upcoming two weeks. For me and my family, I follow “Stay home, stay safe” as much as I can.

I recommend that you do the same if you are in Egypt and avoid any gatherings.

I totally understand the economic burden on Egypt, Egyptians and the official Egyptians who returned back to the IMF to get another loan.

Netlfix Dark "Netflix"
Netlfix Dark "Netflix" 

Many in Egypt especially Netflix’s Dark TV series are sharing this shot I used as a photo feature for that post as a black comedy meme warning image of the result of this grand re-opening.

“27 June 2020; the day of the apocalypse” If you follow the hit series whose third and final season is released on Saturday.

There is a fear that the number of cases will increase considering what happened in Ramadan.

Here is the latest live updates for this week and again please stay safe, stay home. 

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