Saturday, June 20, 2020

Coronavirus on the Nile : Week No.19 “Live Updated”

Here we are with the start of the new week under the coronavirus pandemic.

According to the media calculations, it is the 19th week in Egypt since the outbreak of the virus in Mid-February.

A cute couple wearing masks in Port Said
A cute couple wearing masks in Port Said
by Fadel Dawod

Now we start the new week with over 600,000 students are heading on Sunday to the fearful exams of the thanaweya amma high school despite the parents and the Egyptian Medical Syndicate’s concerns about their safety.

. We start a new week and it seems that things politically and diplomatically as well militarily are hot for the current political administration of Egypt with talks about direct Egyptian military intervention in Libya as well as escalating the GERD matter in the UN Security Council.

More businesses and avenues are opening this week. 

The coronavirus continues to spread at the same.

Last week, the numbers of daily infections surged to its highest record but it came down again this week’s Saturday.

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  1. Hi, Zeinobia. In his latest post, Czech physics and politics blogger Luboš Motl argues in support of Egypt kicking Libya's ass, and to hell with Turkey. Do you or your readers have a position on that? Are you going to write about it?

    1. wow , interesting to see a Czech blogger interested in this when it seems that it did not catch the attention of Western media. To be honest I am personally with political and diplomatic solutions all the way and when it comes what I write here . I am trying to find time away from the Coronavirus crisis to write about Ethiopia's dam crisis because I got a lot to say about it.

    2. Oh, excellent. I am looking forward to reading all you have to say about the very interesting and thorny dam crisis. Keep up the good work, Z.


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