Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Coronavirus on the Nile : COVID-19 Status in Egypt During June 2020 in Graph

We are back with this monthly post about the freaking coronavirus status in Egypt during the month of June 2020.

The month of June 2020 a surge in the daily infection cases, deaths as well as full recovery.

Man selling freska in Cairo with a mask "Getty"
Man selling freska in Cairo with a mask "Getty"

Its last week also witnessed the start of the re-opening of the country by the government despite the number of cases due to economic reasons.

Here is the daily infection rate in June 2020.

It went ups and downs but not less than 1,000 per day.

Again I remember the minister of scientific research and high education Khaled Abdel Ghafer and his statement that the cases could be more than the government knowledge.

On Wednesday during a cabinet meeting, Minister of Health Hala Zayed stated that the number of coronavirus cases in Egypt declined from 10,518 from 23 to 29 June period to 8,404 cases from 30 June till 6 July due to “the government’s measures against coronavirus”

It is also worth to mention that recently many doctors began to treat any symptom of flu as a symptom of coronavirus without admitting the patients to hospitals except when their condition needs to.

Here is the daily fatalities rate in June 2020.

It is scary because nearly in the mid of the month there was a huge jump in the number of fatalities. In mid-June, the Ministry of Health announced that most fatalities happened for patients above 60 years old age category whom 95% of them suffer from chronic diseases.

In the same month, the ministry released a breakdown of the chronic disease patients suffering from coronavirus currently in quarantine hospitals.

Despite the percentages seem small yet those patients are in huge danger.

Now to the good news, the daily fully recovered COVID-19 patients in June 2020.

The numbers increased but were stable in the range of 300s to 500s most of the days. It is really good. Thank God for that.

The Four months

Here is a four-months-graph for the daily infections tally.

Here is also a four-months-graph for the daily fatality rate.

It is unclear if we passed the peak of the virus or not. We are having conflicting statements from ministers, health officials and above them the WHO.

It is just like everything related to this virus.

We know less than we should now.

I will not hide my fears but I am worried that the numbers won’t decline in Egypt because some people believe that re-opening the country means we should be less careful and not to wear masks for example.

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