Thursday, November 5, 2020

Coronavirus on the Nile: Nine months of COVID-19 in Egypt in graph

Another monthly post as part of the COVID-19 coverage in Egyptian Chronicles. “I know you can’t take anymore when it comes to numbers and percentages after the US elections 2020 circus.”

This time it is a quick look into COVID-19 numbers in Egypt after nines months, after the month of October that witnessed the return of students to schools.

The students on the first day in school on 15 October by  Mohamed El-Raai
The students on the first day in school on 15 October by 
Mohamed El-Raai

They are all based on official numbers released by the Egyptian Health Ministry.

Click on the tabs to move to each graph.

As you can see that number of total coronavirus infection cases “4238” was less than in September and only higher than March “709”

The total number of coronavirus deaths in October “336” was actually the lowest in Egypt since April “343”, we are speaking here about six months.

The recovery rate also declined in October.

According to the official numbers, the total number of full recovery cases recorded in October “2,958” was the least recovery rate in six months.

The October numbers “2,958” were lower than May numbers “4,656”.

Again, I can’t find any explanation for this.

Here is the Daily coronavirus case count in the past nine months.

Here is also the Daily fully recovered patients case count.

I could not share them because it is wider than the post’s width in the blog simply.

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