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Egypt at #Tokyo #Paralympics2020 : Silver , Bronze medals and the amazing Hamadtou

In the past 72 hours, Egypt achieved great results in the Tokyo Paralympics in case that you do not know. “Most of you do not know

They are overshadowed by the footballers' news unfortunately with all this ongoing Shika drama, so here is a recap of the achievements of Team Egypt at the Paralympics Tokyo 2020.

Sherif Othman in Tokyo 2020 "Getty images"
On Friday, Egyptian weightlifter Sherif Othman won Egypt’s first Medal in Tokyo Paralympics 2020. Othman won the Silver media in the 59 kg after lifting 187 kg.

This is Othman’s fourth medal in the Paralympics and his first silver medal. He won three gold medals consecutively in Beijing 2008, London 2012 and Rio 2016.

Othman in Tokyo 2020 "Getty images"

Shortly on the same day, Egyptian weightlifter Rehab Radwan won the country’s second Medal in the games. 

Radwan got the silver medal for lifting 120 kg in the women’s 50 kg.

Rehab Radwan of Egypt
Rehab Radwan and her silver medal in Tokyo 2020 on the left 
"Getty Images"

It is her second silver medal and second medal in general after her first silver medal at Rio 2016.

On Saturday, it was a big day for our Paralympics team.

Egyptian weightlifter Mahmoud Attia won the silver medal in Men’s 72 kg after lifting 191 kg.

Mahmoud Attia in Tokyo 2020
Mahmoud Attia with his medal on the left "Bernama Pic"

Then legendary Egyptian weightlifter Fatima Omar won a silver media in  Women’s 67 after lifting 127 kg

Legendary Fatima Omar and her medal
in Tokyo 2020 "ParaPowerlifting"

This is the sixth medal Omar wins in the Paralympics. Fatima won four gold medals consecutively in Sydney 2000, Athens 2004, Beijing 2008 and London 2012.

She also got a silver medal in Rio 2016, thus this is her second silver medal in her career.

FYI, Fatima Omar held our Egyptian flag in the procession.

Fatima Omar with our flag in Tokyo 2020

A couple of hours later, Egyptian weightlifter Mohamed Sobhy won the bronze medal in the Men’s 80 kg after lifting 212 kg.

Egyptian weightlifter Mohamed Sobhy
Egyptian weightlifter Mohamed Sobhy with
his medal in Toky 2020
Egyptian Paralympics committee

This is the second Olympic medal for Sobhy after winning the silver medal in London 2012.

On Sunday, Egyptian weightlifter Hany Abdel Hady won the bronze medal for Egypt in the men’s 88 kg after lifting 214 kg.

Hany Abdel Hady
Abdel Hady after knowing that he got the medal "Reuters" 

This is the second Olympic medal for Abdel Hady who won the gold medal in the 2012 London Olympics and his first bronze medal too.

It is also Egypt’s sixth medal so in these Paralympics games. 

For those who follow the Paralympics, we know that our champions get more medals there than in the Olympics.

According to the latest count on 30/8/2021, Egypt was number 43rd in the games.

Some Achievement we must mention

The world is speaking about Egypt’s Table Tennis player Ibrahim Hamadtou and it must for real.

Hamadtou in Tokyo 2020
The amazing Hamadtou in Tokyo 2020
Getty Images 

Hamadtou made headlines with his great resilience as the only No-Armed table tennis player in the world-beating all odds.

The Paralympics Committee already has highlighted his great talent on social media.

The man who lost both arms at the age of ten and taught himself table tennis in Damietta’s Kafr Saad has become the symbol of the Paralympics worldwide

He was also featured in the official anime promotion of the Paralympics.

Current No.1 tennis player Novak Djokovic was in awe of Hamadotu according to his early Instagram story.

Djokovic's Hamadtou story
 Djokovic's Instagram story on 

Hamadtou may have lost in the games but he won the hearts and minds of the world.

Hamadtou in Tokyo 2020
Hamadtou playing in Tokyo 2020
Getty Images 

Maybe he did not get a medal in Tokyo but inshallah he hopefully gets in Paris. We also got this little mermaid Malak Abdelshafi in swimming.

Malak Abdelshafi
Malak Abdelshafi 

She finished in the 8th in the 100-meter race on Sunday.

Abdelshafi is Egypt’s first swimmer in the Paralympics in 25 years, so it is a real achievement.

Egypt’s history in Paralympic Games

For those who do not know, Egypt was from the first Arab and African countries that participated in the early form of the Paralympics when the competition’s name was the Stoke Mandeville Games (SMG). It participated in the year 1954 in the 3rd International Stoke Mandeville Games in the UK.

Egypt has been participating in the Paralympics since 1972 and we have had a total of 177 medals in those games since our participation before Tokyo 2020.

It is shame that the Paralympic champions do not get enough credit nor media attention like other Olympics champions to get despite it is harder for them.

It is shame that the media does not even cover their victories nor the Paralympics as it should.

By all measures, it is extra hard for a special need or handicapped person to live in Egypt whether socially or economically.

Imagine beating the odds and becoming a Paralympic champion then imagine the challenges they meet in their lives.

For me, those heroes are the true Olympians.

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