Thursday, November 4, 2021

Kodak Agfa presents : King Tutankhamun at 99

Today marks the national day of Luxor governorate in Egypt. It also marks the discovery of King Tutankhamun’s tomb in the valley of the Kings.

King Tutankhamen's mask at the Egyptian Museum of Cairo
The famous King Tutankamun's mask 

Today marks the discovery of the famous KV62 that turned Egyptology upside down.

Today marks how a simple Egyptian boy stumbled on the tomb of another Egyptian boy who ruled this land from thousands of years ago that some old generals and priests thought that they could rid of him and his dynasty or rather his father’s dynasty forever. Call it fate or destiny or poetic justice but Tut’s story reminds me that history can’t be fooled forever.

King Tut's Golden sarcophagus at the Egyptian Museum of Cairo
King Tut's golden sarcophagus at the Egyptian Museum of Cairo  

Time passed and that young boy became Egypt’s most famous ruler and its symbol worldwide while those who plotted against him, simply forgotten.

Yeah, I am repeating what I have said before.

History got important lessons but nobody learns. 

King Tut's Golden sarcophagus at the Egyptian Museum of Cairo
King Tut's golden sarcophagus at the Egyptian Museum of Cairo  

Those photos I took for King Tut at the Egyptian Museum of Cairo “EMC” in Tahrir square in December 2015 and January 2016 when the Egyptian authorities allowed for the first time the use of cameras without flash in Tut’s section.

I took over 100 photos for the whole collection and each time I check those photos I am amazed at how great those ancient craftsmen who made all those pieces of art thousands of years ago.

I took several photos of the mask because it was back on display right after the infamous faulty restoration of his beard that we do not like to remember in Egypt.

King Tut's Golden Mask
Again, famous Tut's mask because why not !!

That led me to focus more on his mask and his amazing details like the fact there is text engraved in the Golden mask.
Inside King Tut's mask
Inside King Tut's mask 

A huge part of the collection is already transferred to the Grand Egyptian Museum “GEM” in Giza.

I think the authorities will transfer the rest of the collection including the famous Gold mask to the GEM next year so the Centennial of discovery King Tutankhamun would be at the same time as the huge celebrations of the GEM inauguration.

It breaks my heart because I believe King Tut’s home was always in Tahrir Museum and the new restoration and renovation would revive his section but realistically speaking GEM needs Tut to attract tourists.

His section on the second floor at the EMC is inhabited by his ancestors Tjuyu and Yuya and their tomb’s amazing pieces.

Now back to Luxor, this year the government and the governorate are celebrating this year’s Luxor National Day by inaugurating the revival of the old Avenue of Sphinxes between Karnak Temple and Luxor Temple.

I know that it should be inaugurated by next week.

The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities is planning a big event like the Golden pharaohs’ parade.

It released a video teaser for the big event on Thursday.

We will see how it goes inshallah.

All photos from Tut’s collection at the EMC were taken Sony Nex 5 with Sony E-mount 18-55

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