Sunday, December 12, 2021

Coronavirus on the Nile: 22 months of Covid-19 in Egypt in graph

It is the time for one of those monthly Covid-19 posts in Egyptian Chronicles and I hope that I will not have to do this inshallah soon as the pandemic ends worldwide.

This time it is a quick look into official Covid-19 numbers in Egypt after 22 months since its arrival to the country in February 2020.

An Egyptian woman wearing a mask in some Cairo mall (Reuters)
An Egyptian woman wearing a mask in some Cairo mall (Reuters)

The usual disclaimer: According to Minister of Health Hala Zayed in early January, the official numbers of cases represent between 10%-15% of the real number of cases worldwide Egypt included

Those official numbers represent the patients who enter the ICUs in designated coronavirus isolation public hospitals in the country in critical condition according to official statements, not the mild cases of coronavirus or those who receive treatment at home.

Here is the graph, it is interactive so you can click on it and click on the tabs to compare between 2020 and 2021.

From October 2021 to November 2021 in Egypt

The total numbers of official registered cases went up from   October  “26,493 cases” to November “27,561 cases” by 4.03%.

November already recorded the highest number of coronavirus infections cases “26,493 cases” since May “35,098 cases”.

The total numbers of officially registered fatalities went up too from  October “1,320 cases” to November “ 1,805 cases” by 36.7%.

November 2021 recorded the highest number of fatalities in 2021.

Meanwhile, the total number of officially registered recoveries dropped from October “21,361 cases” to November “19,2694” by 9.79%

Egypt was already at the peak of the pandemic fourth wave in October according to health officials.

You can see November's Coronavirus numbers here. 

Compared to November 2020 in Egypt

The total numbers of official registered cases hit the ceiling in November 2021 “27,561 cases” compared to November 2020 “8,175 cases” by 99.66 %

The total number of official fatalities cases increased in November 2021 “1,805 cases” compared to November 2020 “ 384 cases” by 370 % !!!!!

I can say again that people were cautious in 2020 than in 2021 !!

The total number of official recoveries cases increased in November 2021 “19,264 cases” compared to November 2020 “3,266 cases” by 489.8% !!!!

22 Months in graph day by day

Here is the Daily coronavirus official case count in the past 22 months.

Here are also the Daily official fatalities cases count and Daily official fully recovered patients case count in 22 months.

Vaccination Progress

According to the Egyptian government by the end of November, 45,963,944 Covid-19 vaccine doses were administrated in Egypt.

Compared to 38 Million vaccine doses in October, then we are speaking about 8 million vaccine doses administrated in November alone.

By the end of November, Egypt got a supply of 98.4 million doses of different coronavirus vaccines whereas, at the end of October, we had 72 million doses of the vaccines.

This means in November, Egypt received 26.4 million doses of the vaccines whether imported or locally produced “VACSERA Sinovac”

Egypt tops Africa when it comes to vaccination

In the end, you can follow Egyptian Chronicles’ Live coverage for all things Coronavirus in Egypt and the Arab world throughout the month.

Stay well, stay safe and get vaccinated.

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  1. Hi Zeinobia,
    I don't know whether you have noticed, but healthy young men playing professional sports have been dropping dead in droves all over the world. They are dying of sudden cardiac arrest from myocarditis/pericarditis. This side effect of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines is not surprising, in fact it's actually printed right on the package insert, but it was supposed to be a rare occurrence, and unfortunately it is turning out to be very common. In Egypt you mostly use the Chinese "sinovac" vaccine, which uses a different technology, not mRNA like the Western vaccines, but it also has serious side effects, some fatal. Anyway, Egypt’s third division’s Rabat and Anwar goalkeeper Ahmed Amin passed away yesterday after suffering sudden cardiac arrest. But he was only one of four international soccer players to drop dead this week alone. Fit young people are not at much risk from covid-19, so these dangerous vaccines should be limited to those in high risk categories, like the elderly and the morbidly obese. For those without co-morbidities, it's safest not to take the vaccine.
    Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, etc.


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