Saturday, January 1, 2022

Happy New Year 2022

Happy New Year 2022 from Egyptian Chronicles to all the world.

Hopefully inshallah this year will be better and we won’t have pandemics or injustice in the world like the year before.

Christmas and new year decorations for sale in Cairo's Shubra
Happy New Year ya People 

May it be a Green year for all of us as our elderly say in Egypt 

A green year in Egyptian folklore means a prosperous successful year.

It has to do with the flourishing green fertile land across the River Nile.

I hope for a better year for my dear Egyptians, Palestinians, Libyans, Sudanese, Yemenis and all other people suffering across the globe.

May this year be a true green year and we stop destroying Earth’s environment for the sake of the future.

Happy New Year 2022.

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