Tuesday, January 25, 2022

#Jan25 : From 11 years ago on that Tuesday at Cairo’s Tahrir square in photos

On Tuesday from 11 years ago , a small group of Egyptian protesters did the impossible. They gathered at the country’s most famous square in the capital answering a call for a protest made by a Facebook page only months old. 

Then that small group did what millions of Egyptians thought that it was impossible and proved it was possible : They were actually the beginning of the end of Hosni Mubarak’s long rule. The rest is history indeed.

I am trying not to be nostalgic like last year. 

Yet for the sake of history, here are very rare photos I share online for that protest that rocked the nation at Tahrir square from 11 years ago by late Pierre Sioufi from afternoon till mid-night. 

The first group of protesters at Tahrir square afternoon as the
security attempted to disperse them by Pierre Sioufi 

Those photos after the break were taken for the protest before its start by late Sioufi from his apartment. 

He uploaded those photos to his Facebook account live blogging on his account that day as much as he could and they are still there. You can see them after the break. 

You must see the rest of the photos especially on 26 January 2011 because they showed what happened there at Tahrir square in very important documentation.

There are more than 100 photos in that album by Sioufi.

I do not know how but I wish Facebook does something to keep those photos and celebrate them.

Sioufi’s apartment became like a mecca for reporters , photographers and some activists with its overview on Tahrir square.

Be sure of checking them and credit him if you are going to use them please.

It is his legacy. It is our modern history. 

P.S : All the luck and support to the young protesters in Sudan and our people in Syria and Yemen. May they succeed in what we failed in. 

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