Saturday, April 30, 2022

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2022: Tale of Al-Ashkeef “The end of magic” Ep.30

Happy Eid

Here is our 30th night of Ramadan Arabian nights.

It is our finale for this year’s tale and I hope you like the tale whether as an audio tale or as a televised wacky version.

Our favourite couple animated in 1989 

Now, you can refresh your memory and listen to last night’s episode.

Here is the 30th episode of our tale tonight. It was episode no.612 of our favourite show.

Zaafran finishes his story along with Sabah with Al-Ashkeef.

Sabah’s princes then remind King Rihan with his promise to give them the price they asked for the wonders they have sold him: The hands of his daughters in marriage.

He agrees and thus the three princes marry the three princesses and Sabah marries Zaafran.

Zaafran takes the three princes and his sisters back to King Yasmine’s Kingdom.

He was ready to take his new bride, Princess Sabah to visit her father when suddenly they find that ebony horse does not move and turned into a wooden horse.

All things enchanted they had whether the seal of Solomon, the ebony horse or the rooster or the peacock clock lost their magic.

Sabah is stuck in that kingdom, but this is what the prophecy originally said: She will marry in a foreign land.

Nevertheless, she is away from her family, she lived happily forever after till death do them apart.

Here is the 30th episode of the tale televised.

Happy Eid and till we meet inshallah next Ramadan with a new tale.

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  1. Charming tale! Thank you so much.

    And I think you're right; it's Zizi Mostafa :)


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