Monday, July 25, 2022

23 July 1952 Coup/Revolution/Movement at 70

It is the 70th anniversary of the 23 July 1952 Coup/Revolution/Movement in Egypt. It is our national day that many love to hate.

There is less celebration for the day that changed not only Egypt but the Middle East. Let’s state a fact here, despite it was not the first coup in the Arab World as it was preceded by one in Syria, it was the most influential.

It is the Arab spring; our 25 January revolution was louder than the one in Tunisia. No need to speak about how things are in Tunisia or Syria or Egypt now.

Maybe we are tired, just tired from speaking over and over to reach the same results and lessons. Yet, no one wants to learn from their mistakes. When was the last time Egyptians learned from their very long history??

Unfortunately, the pros were less than the cons and the cons we are paying their prices domestically and regionally to this day above them the lack of political plurality and civilian rule.

This year a cover of Egyptian Children Magazine “Samir” that goes back to 23 July 1967.

You read it right, 23 July 1967 which is after a couple of weeks of Egypt’s worst military defeat in the 20th century.

Now, this is what is written on the cover depicting two children reading some book.

amir Cover on 23July 1952 by Helmi El-Touni
Samir Cover on 23July 1952 by Helmi El-Touni 
Oh, unbelievable !! Do you believe that in the past before 23 July 1952 there were very poor people and very rich people and those born to a poor family turned to be ignorant and poor and those born to a rich family turned to be educated and rich !!

That cover was drawn by famous Egyptian artist and painter Helmi El-Touni

Children got a special gift from the magazine on the occasion of the Revolution’s anniversary: President Nasser’s photo in colour!!

I won’t speak about the conditions of Egypt, especially the economic situation. Still, in 1967 aside from suffering from a defeat and a foreign invasion of 1/3 of the country, Egypt was suffering a terrible economic situation to the level of having a negative GDP.

But this is what we got from the 23 July 1952 Coup that turned into a revolution.

That cover shows you what has been planted in the minds of young generations

I do not know what to say more.

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