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Summer of scorned lovers and femicide: University Student Salma Bahgat of Zagzig joins Naira Ashraf "Updated"

Earlier Tuesday, Egypt found out that it has new femicide that seems to be a copycat murder of late university student Naira Ashraf.

Two months have not passed yet and we got another murder that seems to be identical to Ashraf’s murder.

20-years-old University student Salma Bahgat was stabbed to death by a scorned young man for rejecting him earlier Tuesday in the city of Zagzig, Nile Delta.

The young lady studying mass communication at Shorouk Academy was stabbed several times by suspect 22-years-old Islam Mohamed Fathy at the entrance of a building near Zagzig Court in Sharkia governorate.

Salma Bahgat in the circle with her colleagues and professors 

Bahgat was reportedly heading to her friend’s work in the building according to General Prosecution’s statement. “Some news reports say that she was heading to the building because she was an intern in a local news website located there”

The news reports say that the 2002-born was stabbed 17 times !!

Reportedly, Islam Fathy was madly in love with Salma Bahgat to the level that he tattooed her name twice on his body and arm but lately she ended their relationship and he could not accept that.

Updated: Egypt's young internet sleuths reached his social accounts and at least I can say he was too obsessed with this young lady. 

His Facebook intro starts with Salma and a red heart. 

The Facebook intro starts with Salma 

Islam Fathy was studying to become a director and filmmaker and he made a short film called "Salma" about a girl called "Salma" who is struggling between faith and atheism. 

Tweeps and news websites are sharing that screenshot showing them together in an Instagram or Facebook story with a threat in Arabic saying that “He will shake the Almighty’s throne itself with the end he will bring upon her” adding that he welcomed the death sentence.

Our internet sleuths also found an important piece of online evidence that he was planning her death. He asked about legal advice in an online legal help Facebook group. 

On 14 July 2022, he asked if there is legal action can be taken against a girl who broke the heart of someone who spent all his effort, time and money allegedly to help in University and then dumped him in the senior year. "FYI, Salma was an A-Student and second in her class" 

His first inquiry 

The last time he was on 28 July, he wondered after a death sentence is issued, when it is carried out and when the policemen are allowed to use their guns for killing and not for injury !!! 

Asking about the death sentence on 28 July 

I want to know what the lawyers told him in both questions but unfortunately, it is a private group. 

This is another premeditated murder which means he is facing a death sentence. 

FYI, according to a very long post he published in April 2020 he suffered from bully and abuse in his childhood and addiction in his teenagerhood. He also revealed that he was admitted to a rehab centre in Egypt. 

I do not know if the lawyers will show him a troubled sick insane person to get away from the death sentence. 

According to Salma's parents , she complained of him couple of weeks during the exams and her dad accompanied to the campus as protection. Her father also revealed Fathy came with his parents to ask for her hand in marriage but he rejected his proposal after seeing all those tattoos on his neck and body. "Most Egyptian families will do the same due especially in Nile Delta" 

Salma Bahgat
Late Salma Bahgat

Now I will dare and say that he would not have killed this beautiful young girl if it were not for what happened and is still happening in Naira Ashraft's murder. 

Naira Ashraf’s murder trial or rather the whole affair turned into a real circus with no respect for the late girl or her family.

First, you got those fans and sympathizers of Ashraf’s murderer Mohamed Adel who have launched a disgusting attack and defame campaign against the late girl and her family online.

That Ted-Bundy supporters team is now claiming that Adel is a victim of Naira and her family. That fan base extended across the borders to the Gulf and Levant.

We also got vultures from so-called social media influencers who joined the wagon of Mohamed Adel supporters claiming that he is a victim of that girl who was recruited by the freemasons and Illuminati of Egypt’s North Coast. 

Among those influencers and YouTube, the notorious Ahmed Spider if you remember him from the 25 January revolution days. It is not a surprise because lies and conspiracy theories are the only good that he has been selling for a decade.

I do not have doubt in my mind that Pro-Mohamed Adel’s campaign inspired Bahgat’s murderer to kill her.

I do not have doubt in my mind that this young man believed that he would pull that- poor lover fooled by an arrogant girl act like Mohamed Adel to get away from the death sentence. Well, Mohamed Adel has not gotten away from the death sentence yet.

Ironically, Adel’s lawyers above them Hosni Mubarak’s famed lawyer Farid El-Deeb “who pays his fees for real ?” presented their appeal to the court to reject the death sentence. If the appeal is accepted, the death sentence will be dropped and Adel will have a retrial.

If the appeal is rejected, then the death sentence is upheld.

And yes, Islam Mohamed is facing a death sentence too.

By the way, I believe that government may air Adel’s execution if it is upheld because it may scare and stop those scorned lovers from killing other girls.

I am angry and probably tomorrow my ideas will be organized so I can write them down.

It is like we live in the summer of scorned lovers and femicide in Egypt.

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