Friday, October 28, 2022

Thursday rave and rants : #Ep3 “Latest Ramy Fahim trial’s updates”

I am still a newbie in that podcast issue and thus I do not know much about spreading the links or syndicating them easily

But here are the latest updates of Ramy Fahim’s trial in California in Arabic in the latest episode of my Arabic Podcast “Thursday Rave and Rants”

I also deal with those rumours about his case.

You can hear the episode on Apple Podcast here. 

I had an original plan to have a Halloween special scary episode but instead, I got busy that week that ended in an epic way economically nationwide.

Ramy Fahim murder
Episode three of the podcast is released. 

Here is the RSS of the Podcast which I hope you follow if you speak Arabic. 

Here is the podcast's URL on Spotify and Apple Podcast. It is also available on Stitcher, Google Podcasts and Pandora

I am working to add it to Anghami inshallah. 


  1. Making analogy between 2 different legal systems could be misleading. California has 58 counties and each has its own ‘Superior’ trial court. The higher level in California is the state ‘Supreme Court’. This differs from US Supreme Court appointed by presidents.

    The list of 8 counts (charges) against Ramy implies that he talked voluntarily to police interrogators after his arrest. Even if he said he killed them, his defense can later claim innocence by reasons of self defense or insanity etc
    The next court date (Pretrial) is merely to set a timeline and game-plan. It will be followed by numerous legal ‘motions’ from defense and prosecution that can push the jury trial years away.

    A credible rumor attributes the crime to workplace dispute. This is a sensitive matter for wealth management firms who serves big clients and aim to protect privacy. Digging into the firm daily business can spill the beans..

  2. Fahim was allowed to continue work at Pence Wealth Management because of a personal relationship between his mother, former Egyptian Minister of Immigration and Expatriate Affairs Nabila Makram, and Laila Pence, cofounder of the firm.


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