Sunday, November 20, 2022

Siri, show me orientalism in Qatar World Cup !! Tukoh Taka as an example

Two days ago, FIFA has launched its official fan festival anthem for the Qatar World Cup. It is the first “fan festival anthem” for the world cup.

It is called “Tukoh Taka”. It features Nicki Minaj, Maluma and Lebanese singer Myriam Fares. It is in English, Arabic and Spanish.

Myriam and her backup dancers 

Myriam appears while wearing some exotic dancer's suit, it is not even a traditional belly dancer's suit and you got the backup dancers wearing golden veils and I do not understand what the hell that was " I am sorry dear Ruby for slamming you decades ago when you sang while wearing a belly dancer suit in Holland" 

I do not know what “Tukoh Taka” means but I know the song is an insult to the Arab culture and is a blatant example of orientalism.

It is a bad, very bad rip off Shakira’s hit “Waka Waka” which was a perfect example of how to present a cheerful representative song that brings the world from East and West while celebrating Africa.

Ironically Qatari officials said that part of their message in this World Cup is to represent the Arab Culture as it should but instead, we got this song and its video that represents Arab women as dancers in the desert enforcing a long disgusting stereotype!!

Edward Said is not resting in his tomb by all measures

Yes, I focused on Myriam’s part because this is the Arabic part that shared with the world

I do not see a celebration of true Arab Gulf music or culture let alone true Arab culture or music.

Myriam does not represent the Qatari women or how they dress or even dance according to their folklore.

I do not need to say that the Arabic lyrics of the song are ridiculous.

Needless to say, the song was received badly in the Arab World as some people from the Gulf and Levant remembered where they saw Fares’ part before.

Arabs especially from the Gulf remember how Egyptian Diva Sherihan presented the Qatari dance in the 1980s in her Ramadan Fawazeer.

 And we could not let it go as Egyptians.

I know that we can be brutal and rude. 

I won’t comment on Minaj or Molema's part

I really wished that with all those billions spent, Qatar got a better song than this silly song. I mean, you had one tiny job for God’s sake !!

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  1. Zeinobia,

    This song is for the Fan Festival, basically the entertainment and party events held around the world cup.

    The official soundtrack several songs for the 2022 World Cup:

    1. Hayya Hayya (with a Qatari female singer, Gulf music, Qatari clothing)

    2. Arhbo (with a Gulf beats and local dialect backing vocals)

    3. Arhbo in Arabic version with Qatari and regional singers.

    4. Light Up the Sky

     5. Arth al Mundial (Qatari and Arab artists)

    6. Dreamers (to be launched tomorrow, with a Qatari singer)

    Not all reinforce Orientalism and there is variety for different tastes.


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