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Ramadan Arabian Nights 2023: Tale of Mando “The Darvish” #EP5

Ramadan Karim 😀

In tonight's episode, we are presented for the first time to a character of Eunuch in the famous radio show.

Needless to say, when I read the “Eunuch of the court” now, the character of Varys in Game of Thrones jumps into my mind. 

Interestingly, I thought the practice of “Eunuch” slaves originated in the Middle East. It turned out that historically there are historical records from Ancient Egypt that show the practice was older than we think and it was used to humiliate enemies.

In fact, the word “Eunuch” may have an ancient Egyptian origin. The practice was also known in other parts of ancient worlds including China. After all, what worse humiliation of a man could suffer than that. Eunuch slaves are mostly depicted in a negative way just like in the case of Varys.

In tonight's episode, we are presented with another interesting character who is the Dervish.

I will only say Taher Abu Fasha sends very interesting messages in the show.

Anyhow enough of the talk and let’s go to our episode tonight.

First, refresh your memory with what happened in last night’s episode.

Here is the 5th episode in our tale or to be accurate the 467th episode of the popular radio show.

The synopsis

Vizier Shahlan waited for months, contemplating his next move as the apple had no effect on the Queen and she remained childless.

One day, he sent Koubar, a Darvish who was no holy man but a fraudster, to the King's court, believing that if the King believed in superstitions, then they must speak to him in the same language.

As he spoke to his wife in his palace, the Sultan's Eunuch, Hubhan, arrived to convey a message to the Vizier. Shahlan had previously hired Hubhan to spy on the King's wife.

Hubhan recounted to the vizier and his wife how the fake Darvish had met the King in his garden and claimed that he had orders from a dream he saw.

A Dervish as imagined by Midjourney AI
A Dervish as imagined by Midjourney AI 

Koubar declared that the apples were fake and that the King must take another wife. The vizier paid Hubhan and went to speak with the old Kahlan again, offering his daughter as a wife to bear a child for him.

Although a confused Kahlan seemed to soften a bit, he told the vizier not to hurry, but Shahlan did not listen. He hurried to declare the news to his wife that the King would marry his daughter, Yasmine, to him, planning to make the news public so that the King wouldn't back off. Hubhan hurried back to his true master to congratulate him on the news, while Shahlan plotted to announce the news publicly without the King's knowledge.

Meanwhile, at the Royal Palace, the King felt sad about getting another wife, but his wife secretly told him that the apple had worked, and she was pregnant.

Thrilled and happy, the King summoned Shahlan to the court and ordered the Grand priests and doctors to follow up the Queen's condition. The news spread like wildfire, even reaching Shahlan, who was once again outwitted by fate.

The vizier hurried to the King, and tomorrow night, inshallah, we will see what the vizier has plotted for the King and his wife once again, as usual.

Here is the televised version.

Till next night inshallah.

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