Friday, April 21, 2023

Eid El-Fitr in photos: Egypt’s edition

Happy Eid to all Muslims and all the people around the globe.

Happy Eid to all Muslims whether they started celebrating Eid El-Fitr on Friday or will start celebrating it on Saturday.

Yes, some countries celebrate Eid El-Fitr on Friday and some others on Saturday. In fact, some countries even have two different dates

In fact, some countries even have two different dates! For example, in Libya, the eastern parts started celebrating on Friday while the western parts started on Saturday. Meanwhile, Sunni Muslims in Iraq began their celebrations on Friday, while Shiia Muslims will start on Saturday.

Regardless of which day you celebrate, the spirit of Eid remains the same, Happy Eid.

To mark this special occasion, I wanted to share a collection of photos taken by Egypt's talented photographers. They captured the joy and beauty of Eid prayers in Cairo and beyond. Take a look and feel the happiness!

Wishing everyone a blessed and joyful Eid celebration.

Here is the Eid Prayer which was held across Egypt in the early morning on Friday from Giza’s Abu Sir and you can see Abu Sir pyramids in the background in the amazing shot by all measures.

The photo is taken from Abu Sir Mount or hill by Sahl Abdel Rahman
The photo is taken from Abu Sir Mount or hill by Sahl Abdel Rahman

A child, balloons, and a pyramid. 

An Egyptian boy, Eid balloons and Mastaba pyramids by Sahl Abdel Rahman

Abu Sir Pyramids are part of the UNESCO world heritage site of the Memphite Necropolis.

To Al Azhar Mosque, in the heart of Islamic Cairo. 

The Eid Prayer inside and outside AL-Azhar Mosque by photographer Mohamed El-Raai 

It was fully packed by whole families. 

The prayer inside Al-Azhar Mosque in the heart of Cairo by Mohamed El Raai

To Abu Bakr El-Sadiq Mosque in Cairo's Maskan Sheraton which has won huge popularity as an Eid prayer space.

Someone is paying attention the camera by Amr Nabil from AP

To be accurate the space outside the mosque.

Church, a roofed mosque with Eid prayer and balloons from Reuters

Hundreds of Muslim Egyptians parked their car and either prayed beside the cars or in front of it due to the huge number of worshippers that occupied the prayer zone. 

Praying in front or beside the parking cars from Reuters

This photo will explain why they prayed in front or beside the parking cars. 

The street was packed by hundreds if not Thousands of people by Hussein Talal

 Now my favourite photos in that batch: children of Eid.

Twin praying or pretending to pray Eid prayers with their mom by 
Amr Nabil of AP

That twin captured the attention of the photographers. 

Praying with Mom and the Adults by Hussein Tallal

I guess they are initiating what the older people are doing innocently. 

Continuing to prayer with Mom by Hussein Tallal

They continue in their prayer too despite they did not wear their prayer cover veil in front of them.

Balloon happiness by Amr Nabil of AP

After the prayers were over, the balloons were released for the children.

Adults before children are happy with the balloons by Amr Nabil of AP

Adults were happy too with the balloons. 

Balloons are released after the prayer in Alexandria by Mahmoud Magdy 

Happy Eid. 

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