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Ramadan Arabian Nights 2023: Tale of Mando “The Truth about Mando” #EP30

Ramadan Karim😀

Welcome to the finale of this year's tale, the Tale of Mando!

I hope you've enjoyed this captivating story from the Egyptian state radio's "One Thousand and One Nights".

I also hope you enjoy the stunning illustrations we've created using cutting-edge AI art generator services.

In this tale, Taher Abu Fasha shows us that fate cannot be conquered or outsmarted. King Kahlan tried to prevent his daughter from marrying the son of an unjustly imprisoned poor man, but he eventually discovered that his son-in-law was the son of a garbage collector.

This illustrates the old saying that you should never mess with fate because it will mess with you back.

Similarly, Vizier Shahlan attempted to kill Sheikh Saber's son when he was born, but the boy miraculously survived and eventually married the princess. Fate has a way of ensuring that true love prevails, despite any obstacles that may arise.

Aside from Abu Fasha's sci-fi plot twist, it's important to acknowledge that the radio show portrayed unjust imprisonment and torture as normal, with King Kahlan being spared from any blame.

He imprisoned Tanbal's sons for no reason and tortured them as if it were an everyday occurrence. It's worth noting that this story was aired during the Nasserite era, a time of political repression and torture of dissidents. This is a reminder that the media we consume can reflect and perpetuate the norms of the society in which it was created.

But let's leave politics behind and return to the enchanting world of fantasy.

Let's recall how fate ensured that Mando and Wardshan became soulmates despite the various plots against them in the last episode.

check out Now to the finale, episode no.30th of the Tale of Mando, which was episode no.492nd of the radio show itself.


Verily, Princess Wardshan hath been set free from the Sadness Palace. Accompanied by Hubhan, they hath approached the Palace and hath encountered King Kahlan, who was filled with anger, and Shahlan, who was shocked and fearful.

Even Mando's father, the garbage collector Tanbal, was present.

The voice of Mando's spirit did begin to question Hubhan. Initially, Hubhan declared that he hath discovered the crown jewel within Mando's clothes chest.

However, Mando's spirit, or rather the unseen Mando, hath commenced to strike and beat Hubhan, causing him to panic.

Finally, Hubhan did confess. It hath been Vizier Shahlan who hath commanded him to frame Mando, planting the crown jewel within his garments. 

Shahlan had also ordered Hubhan to ascertain if the Princess bore a secret birthmark.

Hubhan hath further admitted that Shahlan had plotted to slay the King so that he could wed the Princess.

King Kahlan was incensed and did order the guards to apprehend Hubhan and Shahlan and confine them in the dungeon. They hath been sentenced to death. The King hath acknowledged his mistake concerning Mando and desired to apologize to him. The spirit of Mando hath promised to bring him.

"Leonardo AI"
I could not resist it, Mando of Star Wars in the Arabian Nights world 
"Leonardo AI" 

Mando hath departed from the court and hath gone to Fate. He hath fulfilled his part of the agreement, and now it is Fate's turn to transform him back into his human form. Fate, who is not a man of his word but rather a woman of her word, hath altered from a man to a woman, whom Mando knows well. She is the benevolent old lady who sits by the water well.

The old woman hath informed Mando that she shall not only transform him back into his human form but also make him forget everything that hath occurred.

She hath done so and vanished, as she always does. King Kahlan's guards hath found a terrified Mando and brought him to the court.

He remembers naught but that he is innocent of all accusations leveled against him. The King hath declared that he believes Mando.

Mando hath exclaimed that it hath felt like years since the last time he hath seen them. King Kahlan hath announced that he doth not only approve and bless the marriage of Mando and Wardshan but hath also appointed Mando as his vizier and crown prince. Just as Kahlan is about to issue orders to prepare for the Princess's wedding, the old woman hath reappeared in his court.

Under the apple tree as imagined by Adobe Firefly
Under the apple tree as imagined by Adobe Firefly 

"Have I not informed thee before, Kalhan, that I shall attend the nuptials of the two halves of the apple if I am still among the living?" She hath inquired of the King, as Wardshan and Mando hath stared in astonishment.

Kahlan hath recollected but hath informed her that his daughter hath wed not the deceased son of the imprisoned Sheikh Saber but another young man.

The old woman hath taken him by surprise and hath informed him that it is untrue, and he should ask the garbage collector. Tanbal hath attempted to flee in fear, but the King hath commanded him to stop and asked if he were Mando's true father.

Tanbal hath confessed. He hath saved Mando from the midwife and Hubhan, who had plotted to slay Sheikh Saber's infant, and bought him for a pound.

Mando hath been astounded, but the shock hath dissipated as the King hath proclaimed that his daughter's wedding shall endure for forty nights. Thus, the two halves hath been rejoined into one apple. Mando and Wardshan hath lived happily ever after until death hath parted them.

*If you pay attention to King Mando on Earth No.2 did not remember also how he solved his issue because he already he had been in the same position.

The episode televised.

The song in the finale was a hit and was used to be played at weddings across the Arab world.

Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoyed it for real.

Till next Ramadan inshallah.

Schaherezade as imagined by Adobe Firefly
Schaherezade as imagined by Adobe Firefly 

Happy Eid😁

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