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Ramadan Arabian Nights 2023: Tale of Mando “The invisible Mando” #EP29

Ramadan Karim😀

As we approach the big finale of Mando's tale, it's important to reflect on the impact this poorly graphic TV series had on Egyptian television.

Produced by the Egyptian state TV in 1986, the show was created by Egyptian TV pioneer Fahmy Abdel Hamid and starred Sherihan, late veteran Omar El-Hariri, and Mohamed El-Araby as Mando.

Despite its modest production values, the series was a huge success and became one of the early works that cemented Sherihan as a true triple-threat entertainer not only in Egypt but in the Arab world.

While El-Araby was among the prominent faces of the 1980s TV drama, he left showbiz altogether after three years of airing the series to become a devoted conservative Muslim, along with his wife, former actor Hanaa Tharwat.

Although Mando had more screen time than Wardshan, most viewers remember Sherihan as the true star of the show. As a Fawzeer show, there was a musical act right after the end of each episode, which was Sherihan's opportunity to shine.

Let's take a moment to revisit how Mando reached this agreement with fate.

Join me for the 29th episode of our tale this year.


Mando and Fate made their way to the Sadness Palace, where they found Wardshan alone and despondent. Mando addressed her, causing her to startle, for she believed she heard a voice in the emptiness of her chamber.

Mando attempted to calm her and share the truth with her, but Fate intervened, reminding him not to disclose that which he knew. Undeterred, Mando revealed himself as the essence of Mando.

Wardshan disclosed that her father, King Kahlan, had agreed to wed her to the Vizier's son, Qarman. Her maid, Tamrhan, had knowledge of the Vizier's machinations, leading to her attempted arrest and subsequent escape.

Princess Wardshan as imagined by Midjourney
Princess Wardshan as imagined by Midjourney

Mando sought Tamrhan out in the city, and she disclosed her findings. She uncovered the Vizier's conspiracy with Habhun, who also desired to marry the Princess.

Tamrhan further divulged that the Vizier aimed to murder the King and take over the realm. The Vizier planned to poison King Kahlan's wine during the palace gathering that evening.

Mando rushed to the King's palace, where the King was on the cusp of imbibing a glass of wine in Qarman's honor. Mando urgently exclaimed, "Stop, do not drink!" The King recognized Mando's voice and Mando revealed himself as Mando's spirit.

Mando warned the King of the Vizier's plot to poison him, prompting the King to demand proof. Mando advised the King to command the Vizier to drink from the tainted glass, causing the Vizier to tremble with fear and refuse.

King Kahlan was stupefied by this turn of events. Mando informed the King that the Vizier must confess his crimes before the presence of Wardshan, Tanbal, and Hubhan.

The King summoned Wardshan, Tanbal, and Hubhan to appear the following night, Allah willing. The resolution of Mando's tale will be revealed on the morrow.

Here is the televised version of the episode.

Till tomorrow night inshallah, tomorrow inshallah will be the finale.

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