Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2023: Tale of Mando “Mando meets Fate” #EP28

Ramadan Karim😀

You can refresh your memory and see how Mando ended up in his cosmic trip in last night’s episode.

Here is tonight's episode, episode no.28 in our tale this Ramadan or episode no.490.


As Mando prepares to return to Earth, he is summoned once again to the planet of Al-Anwar to meet with King El-Dobb El-Akbar.

The king is already in the midst of a court meeting discussing two alarming matters: the earthling and the fact that other planets have discovered the secret of the universe, with one individual from another planet having already been caught.

Mando explains to the court what happened with King Mando and reveals the solution he has reached. He will descend to Earth as rays and power to seek his revenge.

However, King El-Dobb El-Akbar reveals a troubling revelation: Mando may not be able to return to his human form, except if fate does not intervene.

The Greater Bear aka Ursa Major constellation as imagined by Adobe Firefly
The Greater Bear aka Ursa Major constellation as imagined by Adobe Firefly 

Despite this warning, Mando decides to take his chance, believing that fate will not let him down. Before departing for Earth, he inquires of the King why the people of Al-Anwar cry.

The King reveals another secret: after learning all the secrets of the universe, including the secret of life itself, the people of Al-Anwar lost their passion and purpose of life, hence their tears.

As Mando descends to Earth in the form of rays and powers, he encounters an unexpected being or thing: fate itself.

Fate informs him that he has two options: either he returns to his human form and forgets immediately what he saw from the universe's secrets, or he dies now.

Mando pleads with fate for one day to save his beloved Wardshan and prove his innocence. In return, he promises not to speak a word about what he saw in the heavens.

Fate imagined as a man by Leonardo AI
Fate imagined as a man by Leonardo AI 

After some negotiation, Fate agrees to accompany Mando as an invisible force. Once Mando succeeds in proving his innocence, Fate will turn him back into his human form and make him forget what he saw.

Mando and Fate arrive at Sadness Palace, and tomorrow, God willing, we will discover what actions Mando will take to save Wardshan.

Here is the episode televised.

Till tomorrow night inshallah

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