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Ramadan Arabian Nights 2023: Tale of Mando “Mando to the madness of Multiverse” #EP26

Ramadan Karim😀

Did you know that the concept of the multiverse isn't just a comic book idea from Marvel or DC? In fact, it's an ancient hypothetical theory that has been around for centuries.

The first person to suggest it was the ancient Greek philosopher Anaximander in the 6th century B.C. Later on, in the 5th century B.C., the Atomists and Stoics philosophy schools of thought brought the concept back to life.

While some people believe that the ancient Egyptians also spoke about parallel universes and the multiverse, it's more likely that they believed in the afterlife and life in the Gods' realm, rather than the parallel universes as we understand them today.

But let's not forget that the multiverse was brought up as the only solution for Mando's big problem on his earth in our previous discussion.

And tonight, on the 26th night of our tale, or the 488th episode of the Egyptian radio's "One Thousand and One Nights," we continue with Mando's journey into the parallel earth.


And lo! A and Q took leave of Mando in his human form, promising to return after the week had passed.

Believing himself still upon his own earth, he ventured into the market. But there he found himself the object of many a curious gaze, and some greeted him with great warmth.

Fearful of arrest, he sought to escape the crowd, only to be apprehended by the people of the market, the guards, and the chamberlain Morgan, who admonished him, his excellency, for his behavior in public.

And so it was that Mando was borne away to the palace of King Kahlan, where Morgan reported to Queen Wardshan that the people had found the Sultan wandering the streets in rags.

Arabian Nights in space as imagined by Adobe Firefly
Arabian Nights in Space as imagined by Adobe Firefly

Great was her amazement, for her husband had set forth on a hunting expedition into the desert not long before.

Thus, it was that Mando found himself at the court of King Mando and knew at last that he was upon a second earth. Seeking to convince the people of his otherworldly origin and his search for his doppelganger, he was met with disbelief and scorn.

When Wardshan attempted to embrace him, he recoiled, insisting that she was not his wife and he had come from another planet. To settle the matter, the highest priest was summoned, but even he could not be swayed by Mando's logical reasoning.

And so it was that Mando found himself imprisoned in another quarter, guarded by the Queen's men. Tomorrow night, if Allah wills it, we shall learn what further tribulations befall our hapless hero on this new earth.

Here is the episode televised.

Till tomorrow night inshallah

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