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#LateHumansofGaza: The Abu Sadas or how Israeli airstrikes hit the same family in the same spot twice in Palestine

The story began with the tragic killing of 24-year-old Hadeel Abu Sada in an Israeli airstrike on Jabalia Refugee Camp on October 16. This devastating event occurred on the very day of her wedding, which was postponed indefinitely.

I wanted to add her face and story to the #LateHumansofGaza post, to give her a voice and try to tell the world that she is not a number, she is a human.

Hadeel Abu Sada of Gaza
Late Hadeel was supposed to marry the cheerful young man behind her on 
16 October but fate had another plan and the wedding was called off to be
replaced with a funeral 

However, it evolved into another narrative, unveiling a broader background story that mirrors the plight of numerous Palestinians, be it in Gaza or the West Bank. No one prepared me for what I found.

In 2008, Mofeed Abu Sada tragically lost his life in an Israeli airstrike at Jabalia Refugee Camp during the Gaza war, leaving behind a pregnant and seven small children.

Late Mr. Mofeed Abu Sada
Late Mr. Mofeed Abu Sada 

Mrs. Mofeed Abu Sada is Sohaila also known as Um Fathy, and the eight children are Fathy, Lina, Hadeel, Esraa, Eslam, Iman, Dina, and Hala.

Against all hardships in besieged Gaza, Um Fathy not only raised her son and seven daughters on her own, but in the years that followed, Sohaila purchased the land where her husband tragically lost his life and erected a house for their children in its stead.

Mrs Sohaila 

In a perfect world, Mrs Sohalia would be honoured as a “Role Model Mother of the Year”.

I know very little about their financial status, but they seem to me an Upper Middle class yet being responsible for eight kids is not an easy thing for a woman alone, a housewife too.

Fathy Abu Sada became a handsome young man studying computer information systems.

Fathy Abu Sada
Fathy grew up to become a dashing young man 

In January, Fathy said on his Facebook page that he missed his dad and that he wanted to tell him again many things.

In June 2021, Eslam Abu Sada successfully graduated from the University of Applied Arts with a bachelor’s degree in media and technology.

Eslam Abu Sada
Eslam Abu Sada and her mom Sohaila during the presentation of her 
final project in her senior year 

Eslam was engaged to journalist Abdullah Shoukry in October 2021, and they got married in September 2022. Eslam Abu Sada gave birth to a baby called Mahmoud on 21 June 2023. Here was baby Mahmoud with his father Abdullah.

Elegant baby Mahmoud
Elegant baby Mahmoud 

Lina Mofeed studied Health administration at Al-Quds Open University and graduated in 2019. In August 2020, she got engaged to her relative Mohamed Abu Sada. They got married in January 2021.

Lina and Mohamed Abo Sada
Lina and Mohamed Abo Sada 

In September 2022, she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl called Elina.

Elina Abo Sada

Esraa Mofeed was a hard-working student who worked this summer to enhance her grades to be admitted to the Faculty of Engineering and become an engineer. 

Esraa Abu Sada
Esraa Abu Sada

She succeeded already and the family was so proud of her achievement. 

Dina Mofeed graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences at Al-Azhar University in 2017.

Since then, she has been employed as an accountant and is presently working at Zeina Cooperative. In addition to her professional accomplishments, she is also a proud mother to a lovely daughter, Kinda.

Eman Mofeed did not share publicly her life but from what I am reading she is a smart, cheerful and kind young beautiful lady.

Eman Abo Sada
Eman Abo Sada

The youngest of the Abu Sada’s children is Hala who was born after her dad’s death. She is the only child who did not see her dad.

Hala Abu Sada 

Hala was like any teen who used TikTok to enjoy her time.

Relatives say that she is as funniest and most pampered of all as she is the youngest.

To the bride that never was, Hadeel volunteered in the Ihsan charity campaign in Gaza to help other people. On Facebook, Hadeel chose a cover for an account that says she missed her dad so much.

On 16 October, Sohaila and her children except Dina stayed at their house.

The Abo Sadas
The Abo Sadas

Her grandchildren Ellina and Mahmoud were with their mothers too. Sohaila ’s sister Sameh and her family were already displaced and staying at the Abu Sada’s house. The names of Sameh's family are Nada, Abdel Latif, Mohamed and Malek 

On the same day and in the very location where Mofeed Abu Sada lost his life to Israeli shelling in 2008, the house that his widow, Sohaila, had painstakingly built for herself, their eight children, and their grandchildren, along with their displaced guests was tragically destroyed in 2023.

In total 15 people were killed.

The Abu Sadas' house after
the airstrike 

This devastating event claimed the lives of seven of Mofeed's children and his grandchildren, leaving only Dina Mofeed and her daughter as survivors. It's nearly unimaginable to fathom the depths of her grief.

Only Hadeel's lifeless body, the bride who would never be, was recovered, while the rest of the family remains trapped under the rubble.

One can't help but wonder: what are the chances of such a heart-wrenching tragedy occurring in any other place in the world, except in Palestine?

If you think that example is a rarity in Palestine, think again. It has been too common since 1948.

It is only in Palestine, that Israeli airstrikes hit the same family twice in the same place.


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