Thursday, October 26, 2023

#NotNumbers : Late Humans of Gaza “Updated- Graphic material”

"And if they ask you about Gaza... Tell them:  In it, there is a martyr  nursed by a martyr  photographed by a martyr sent off by a martyr  and prayed for by a martyr"

----------------------------------------------------- Mahmoud Darwish on Gaza

With over 6500 people including over 1800 children killed and over 16,000 others injured as the medical care in the city of Gaza is on the verge of total collapse, this blog post is an attempt to give those numbers especially the killed ones a face and a name.

Angels in Gaza by Doaa El-Adl
Angels in Gaza by Egyptian illustrator and cartoonist 
Doaa El-Adl 

The victims of the Israeli attack on Gaza are not numbers, they were humans who had names, lives and dreams.

This blog post is dedicated to the humans of Gaza who are not numbers. 

It is updated.

On Thursday, the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza released a full report with the names of the victims from 7-26 October to fire back at the claims of US President Joe Biden that he did not trust the "Hamas" Health Ministry. 

Here is a link to the full report in Arabic with the information on the victims including full name, ages and gender. In the first two pages, you will find a whole family lost 88 people, a whole bloodline and generations !! 

According to the info released in the period from 7-26 October, 7028 people were killed including 2,193 children 

Warning: Readers’ discretion is advised.


  1. I know you have to read this to delete it!

    13 year old girl. RAPED in FRONT of HER WHOLE FAMILY.

    THEN Shot in the HEAD!!!

    Why don't you post a single picture of a suffering JEW?

    Hamas are a big barrel of pigs, monkeys and feces!


    1. Wow, the dehumanization and brainwashing has taken a heavy toll on you. Your brain worms themselves have brain worms.

      You have no respect for the people killed by your bloodthirsty rulers. You literally deny that they were people who actually had lives, hopes, dreams, family, and feelings.

      Even hostages are given back, the people mentioned on this post and many many more won't get their lives back from the murderers who stole them. And note that this was the result of the severe injustice and oppression your rulers imposed on them; of course the rage was going to erupt and unleash a very ugly revenge.

      If you were even half-human, you would have thought once and twice and thrice before posting something as disgusting as this.

      Note that unlike you, I am not addressing you and calling you a murderer; I am calling your rulers and your propagandists. However, you asked someone who had nothing to do with it to "give back the hostages" as if that was in their ability.

      You are low.

    2. Come on buddy, why are you pretending not to know the Palis raped a young girl until her pelvic bone broke, beheaded babies in front of their parents, beheaded parents in front of their children, called home on their cell phones saying "Mom! I killed ten Jews! Are you proud of me?" And on and on and on. We know this because the 1400 Paleostinian terrorists were proud of themselves. It's all in their own videos. They are not just inhmane, they are inhuman. They have forfeited any claim to humanity or right to be treated like humans. They are rabid beasts and should be dispatched from this world en masse and without a thought.

  2. Despite Israel winning the six day war, they gave back territories. Egypt got the whole Sinai peninsula back. Egypt won Gaza and West bank by fair means ie. winning the war. If Arabs in Gaza and West Bank were were smart they would have reconciled with the Jews and agreed to be part of Israel as states within the country. They would have a first world lifestyle. Instead they choose to tools of geopolitical ambitions of grandeur of foreign rulers. Not a single of these rulers took in a single Palestinian refugee. Even during the Syrian uprising rich Arab states did not take in a single refugee. West took in so many refugees and paid for Turkey and Jordan to take in refugees. Not a single Arab country gave any constructive suggestions or offered to use their influence to get the hostages and the criminals who did those horrible actions on Oct. 7. How can Israel do nothing. Under the current circumstances this seems to be the only way to get rid of Hamas. Maybe if Arab countries take in refugees with strict monitoring to ensure no Hamas operative gets in, then a temporary ceasefire would be justified. Under the current circumstance it is a sad tragedy unfolding in Gaza, but can't see how else Israel can get rid of Hamas.

  3. It is easy to get numb from seeing so much bad stuff in the news all the time, but when I read this, I actually cried.

    I think it's because you can see the love in the family photos, just the normal everyday love that people everywhere in the world have for their children and spouses. It's no different than the pictures of me and my siblings being silly as children that my mom got on her walls, small child turning into an adult across a series of pictures.

    Except for these children, it was cruelly cut short

    Netanyahu is a cruel butcher

  4. Rawaf al-Saeen tells the truth.


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