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Gaza War 2023: This is what the real humans of Gaza say/are saying/said "May Mother’s Day Edition"

I wanted to publish this post on the March Egyptian/Arab Mother’s Day, but I could not during then. Now it is the week of May Mother’s Day in the West and so it is time to hear what the real mothers of Gaza say/are saying and said.

I failed to post this on our Egyptian/Arab Mother’s Day because I was overwhelmed by the messages and videos I found for Palestinian mothers from Gaza, and I am still overwhelmed.

The Palestinian mothers in Gaza gave another reason why mothers are revered universally.

Mothers and babies in destroyed houses by Motaz Aaiza in Gaza
Mothers and babies in destroyed houses by Motaz Aaiza in Gaza

On the eve of May Mother’s Day, I saw this video of an old woman displaced along with her injured paralyzed son in North Gaza searching for safety.

Her son, suffering from injuries sustained during the Nabulsi roundabout massacre, required urgent blood transfusions at Kamal Adwan Hospital on Sunday.

However, they were forced to evacuate following leaflets dropped by occupation forces planes, urging everyone to leave Jabalia and surrounding areas. The mother, struggling with her son's partial paralysis and inadequate medical facilities in North Gaza, expresses a desperate wish for peace.

This great mother reminded me of the other mother who kept pulling her two toddler sons for nearly 14 kilometres in the first displacement from the North to Middle Gaza in November. 

I hope that this family is safe for real.

Whether in March or May, Mother’s Day can’t pass without me thinking about Dr Asmaa Mughari who lost her two only children Aya and Aboud seven months ago and has been mourning them on social media.

“It's been 7 months, and I dare not delete anything related to you.. Today, I removed the games apps you downloaded on my device.. I left the educational groups you were in.. I unfollowed every page that shows children's clothes and toys in front of me..Your death was not a nightmare as I thought.. It was the most horrific reality!"

Ayoush and Aboud, she nicknamed them, and they are very beautiful siblings. They were killed when an Israeli missile bombed their house. Dr Mughari survived but her kids did not. They were under the rubble for over 20 weeks till their bodies were recovered.

"And I am also a mother.. A mother of two children.. who once told me that I'm the best mother in the world.. And now I tell the world that the mother remains, but her children are gone, Because a despicable Zionist launched a missile and killed them."

The grieving mother refused to see them after retrieving their bodies because she wanted to keep their beautiful image in their mind as it was.

They were so beautiful. I can’t blame her.

Asmaa not only lost her kids, but she also lost her mother Wafaa.

"To my beloved martyr mother, Wafaa,

Oh beloved..

This morning, after a long night of staying awake and exhaustion; as the sun began to rise and your daughter remained awake.. I watched its sunrise, my mother, and there your spirit visited me..My tender and loving mother, who raised us with patience and mercy like no one else I've known in my life.I think of all these mornings that followed your departure to heaven; how did I endure over two hundred mornings after your painful departure without starting my day seeing your beloved face that I adore..How many days have passed, my mother? I no longer count them at all; for days now seem alike and what importance is there in knowing their dates?

But today, in particular, I decided to check the date.. and there it is, the memory of the day my sun rose upon the world.. It's your birthday, my mother.

You've been absent, my sun, eternally absent from my life, but by God, my mother, you will never be absent from my heart for your spirit is my spirit, and I am a part of you.

Oh beloved, Wafaa, the life of my life, I miss your presence, my mother, in such profound sorrow that seems eternal to me.. I am lost between the feeling of a mother who has lost her children and the feeling of a girl who has lost her mother.

Where are you for me to seek refuge in your embrace and cry with my children, and where am I to find an embrace like yours."

Asmaa lost her two children, her father and mother, her aunt, her siblings, her sister-in-law and her nephews.

Her nephew Khaled survived the carnage because he was with his neighbours at their house playing. The little child returned home to find that her dad and mom were killed.

The story of Asmaa has been repeated over and over in different versions.

Like the story of Rania Abu Enza, who tragically lost her twin and her husband in an Israeli shelling after waiting for a baby for an entire decade.

Abu Enza captured headlines when she emerged carrying her two babies, affectionately nicknamed Abu Ward and Soso while they were lifeless bodies.

She became an icon.

During Ramadan, we learned more about her and her little babies, for whom she bought Eid clothes. Rania had many plans for those two babies, but Israel took them away from her for real.

Yes, it hit Rania hard. She still moves on with a bag full of her little babies’ stuff. She still watches their videos and photos.

Nevertheless, she said that she was more ready to be a mother to any orphan child in Gaza. She is not alone many moms are ready to do so and are doing so technically speaking.

A mother sees her son killed in Gaza's Deir El-Balah in Gaza by 
Motaz Azaiza 

Not only mothers are adopting orphaned kids but sisters also become mothers of their younger siblings regardless of how young they are.

Two mothers are killed every hour in Gaza according to the United Nations whereas women and children account for roughly 70% killed so far in the Strip in the war since October.

Technically speaking 70% of the victims of Israel’s war on Gaza are mothers and children of other mothers.

More than 150,000 pregnant women are facing terrible sanitary conditions and health hazards amid displacement and war according to the UNRWA.

According to UN Women, there are currently 700,000 women and girls in Rafah with almost no access to medical care and are forced to be displaced.

Some of them have been displaced twice and even more in the past seven months and it already has taken a toll on their health.

This is a very short post that only transfers 0.000000000000001 of the horrors currently seen by the Palestinian mothers in Gaza. Those horrors must stop ASAP.


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