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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Follow Up : Our Arabic Hard On The Brain Language

I thought that I was the only who decided to speak about that Israeli research claiming that our Arabic language is hard on the brain to learn but I was wrong

The post received a lot of attention and there is a fantastic debate about it.

Gabriel Nada at Global Voices discussed the matter and it seems that no only me who was interested in that research.

Taha Hussein once said that our Arabic language  is easy not hard , he also said that Arabic can restore its position in the society when the society itself is functioning well. The dean of Arabic knew what he was speaking about , the golden age of Islamic empire was the golden age of Arabic that was the language of science and knowledge.

The fact that Arabic was neglected from a very long since the Othman rule harmed it so much especially many Arab countries replaced the Othman rule with western colonization that fought Arabic like the British and French colonization in North Africa then came the age of globalization.

Education plays an important role and considering the deliberate attempts of Arab regimes to make their people ignorant as much as possible to role them easily harmed our language more and more , it has nothing to do with the difficulty of the language more about the education policies just like occupation forces in any country.

This is generally speaking about the Arabic as first language not as a second language. It is quite logic that learners will meet difficulty in learning a second language especially when they are getting old. The Arabic language academies must understand the challenges they are facing , they can’t stand against modernity but they can join it by using the latest techniques in education to spread Arabic language.

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  1. I think the Arabic language is very poetic regardless of it's difficulty problem as there are more difficult languages around the world.
    More importantly, Arabic stopped being a modern scientific language as Arabic inventions stopped after it's golden era and thus has not evolved like English which updates it's dictionary constantly to keep up with scientific, social, demographic, etc changes.
    Languages that survive through history are those that keep up with changing times and technology that is why most languages today use English words in their daily spoken or written vocabulary.
    The Arabic language could do better if it modernizes and simplifies.
    The Canadian.

  2. Why you keep saying something about Arabic language? When it was all about learning how to read/write Arabic alphabet!

    I don't have any research, and it obviously cannot be even made, because it would hurt Zeinobia's national pride. (accept the apology for the theory of evolution and the fact that you evolved from ape-like ancestors). But I asked and Egyptian I know spent by learning how to read/write 3 times more time than we did.

    So reasonable thinking goes like this: It is worth of spending so much time to learn how to use arabic alphabet or will it be better to switch to latin and use the free time to improve math/physics/chemistry. And eventually became more competitive and also make easier for Egyptian students to learn English as well.

    My native language historically used 3 alphabets and nobody really give a damn. Now we use improved latin to suit our language better. In India English is used as an language of communication between different dialects and it improves India position on global level as well.

    Only psycho hateful nationalists will bark instead of thinking.

  3. The QS World University Rankings a prestigious organization has released it's annual report on the world's 200 best universities.
    Unfortunately the list does not include a single Arab university...what a shame!
    (My point is...Emphasis should be on quality education regardless of language)
    The Canadian.


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