Saturday, October 9, 2010

Breaking News : Muslim Brotherhood To Participate In The Parliamentary Elections !!

In a press conference that is still going on currently in Cairo the Muslim brotherhood has just announced that it will participate in the coming parliamentary elections which will be held in Egypt after couple of weeks.They are targeting 30% of the seats
There is no surprise here , in fact it was something expected ; especially that all other opposition parties are participating.
Ironically they are not running as representatives for the Muslim brotherhood but rather as independent candidates because the group is officially banned  !!
I wonder now what kind of a deal they will reach to with the regime and how many seats they will get this time!!??
Update : 
Dr. ElBaradei slammed this decision in his own way despite he should have known that this what was expected from the MB while on the other hand surprisingly we find Ali El-Din Halal of NDP praising the decision !!?? Is the MB a banned group ya People !!??

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