Egyptian Chronicles: RIP Khaled Abdel Nasser "1949-2011"

Friday, September 23, 2011

RIP Khaled Abdel Nasser "1949-2011"

Khaled Abdel Nasser
The funeral of Khaled Abdel Nasser "1949-2011"was last Friday September 16,2011. The eldest son of former president Nasser died in hospital September 15th,2011 after long illness.
The funeral was not only attended by the Nasserites and Nationalists from not only Egypt but from all over the Arab world. Field Marshal Tantawy and Anan as well as members of SCAF attended the funeral as well. Already the ministry of defense is so near from Gamal Abdel Nasser’s mosque where the funeral was held.
Khaled Abdel Nasser died in a very interesting timing after the revolution or to be accurate after the incidents of Israeli embassy.
Despite being the son of Abdel Nasser was enough to earn him recognition ,Khaled earned a huge fame from the famous “Egypt’s revolution Case” in 1980s.
Khaled in early 1990s
“Egypt’s revolution” was a radical Nationalist Nasserite leftist secret cell that was against the peace treaty with Israel that was formed in 1984. The cell launched a series of attacks and managed to assassinate 4 Israeli diplomats that were actually Mossad officers working under diplomatic cover as well as CIA officers working as U.S diplomats in Egypt from year 1985 to 1987 . The cell was headed by former Egyptian intelligence officer Mahmoud Nour El Din among others. Khaled Abdel Nasser was accused to be part of the case and up till now we do not know really that if he was part of the cell or not.
During the investigations Mahmoud Nour El Din did not admit that Nasser was a member. The members of the cell who are still alive deny that Khaled was a member. Rosa Al Youssef Daily had a very interesting interview with Nazmy Shahin , a former “Egypt’s revolution” member who claimed that the Mubarak regime put the name of the Nasser because Mubarak was concerned of his popularity and stand from Camp David accords. Mahmoud Nour El Din was a close friend to Nasser since 1970s when he used to work in our embassy in London and Nasser was studying there.
Nevertheless Abdel Nasser was convicted of funding the cell with money and arms in the case and got a death sentence in absentia as he was living abroad between UK and Yugoslavia. Years later he was acquitted and returned back to Cairo with no charges what so ever. According to some sources  Abdel Nasser was acquitted after the interfere of Arab leaders including Qaddafi on the condition that he would not get involve in politics from near or far.  Abdel Was acquitted among other four defendants in the case including none other than current potential presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabhi. Who attended Khaled’s funeral and carried his coffin”
Mahmoud Nour El Din died in his prison in strange circumstances that made everybody believes till this day that he was killed by the Mubarak regime as he was the man who knew a lot.
The Nassers in 960s 
You will find it very interesting that this man’s sister Mona was married to none other than Ashraf Marwan whom the Israelis insist that he was their spy in Cairo !! Also what is even more interesting that his brother in law is Sameh Fahmy , the former minister of oil known for exporting gas to Israel. This is why I do not judge people on how their family relations so easily.
I feel very sorry and sad for Dalia Fahmy , Khaled’s widow as it has been a very hard and sad year for her and her family. First her brother former minister of oil Sameh Fahmy is imprisoned while her niece Dina Hani Shaker has passed away from couple of months ago and now her husband. Khaled and Dalia got Gamal , Tahia and Magda. Gamal Khaled Abdel Nasser looks so similar for his uncles Sameh and Hadi Fahmy by the way.
Khalid Abdel Nasser studied civil engineering in Cairo university and used to be an assistant professor.  
People are sad for Khaled’s death especially that they compared his life to the life of Gamal Mubarak.The assistant professor for civil engineering did not use his father’s fame and influence like Gamal Mubarak.
On a personal level I felt sad after Khaled Abdel Nasser’s death. I was shocked because in less than of 24 hours before his death I was speaking about him with my grandma and mom. It is a strange thing to me because I do not agree with many of Khaled Abdel Nasser’s ideas just like his father.
Oddly enough the funeral of Mahmoud Nour El Din was on September 16,1998 !!
May Allah bless your soul Khaled Abdel Nasser.
Nasser visiting his son Khalid in hospital in 1956

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  1. Khalid was his father's son. He could have used his connection of the most beloved Arab leader, with the exception of our glorious Prophet, yet he did not and therefore kept his honor and his father's legacy. It must have been painful to see your principled father replaced by a second rate dog like Sadat. May the Almighty bless his soul.


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