Thursday, August 19, 2004

Islam and Western Media :1

Back again to my journal after being sick with flu and fever in the mid summer of the very hot Egypt,anyway as I wrote before there is great misunderstanding to The arab -islamic culture and above them the Islam itself.
Don't believe everything you see in T.V about it,don't believe everything you read about it in Newspapers and magazines
and more important don't judge it through looking to the image of the new muslims today,it is the wrong image because this isnot the real Islam .
as Egyptian who lives in the middle of the old world,the crossing of many cultures as some like to call it ,I watch many western tv channels and I don't know if this misunderstanding of Islam is intended or unintended,simply they blame Islam on everything bad in the Arab Islamic countries from poverty to ignorance to neglecting the women rights ..etc and they ignored an important point here ,the problem isn't in Islam ,it is the corrupted governmets of these countries which are behind all of these problems and also behind hiding the real Islam,the Islam which calls for equity ,The Islam which calls for freedom,and more important The Islam which calls for democracy"and I will discuss this later",even the Islam that gives women all their rights is sealed by keys held by The men of law and traditions "Saudi Arabi for example",yes traditions and customs ,that Islam came to erase from 14 centuries ,came back again and worse than before
The West World thinks that Islam is its enemy ,this wrong because the real enemy of Islam is the Corrupted governmets and old traditons
It is long topic I am going to speak about it and may God give my strength for this

Saturday, August 7, 2004

From Egypt With Love

Greeting from the Egyptian Galaxy ,this is my first post in my third journal attempt ,I had a journal in opera Browser Community from 6 months ago but I did n't complete posting in it as I got busy also I didn't feel like writing anything but now it is different ,I think I am doing this journal by this name "EGYPTIAN CHRONICLES" because I want to try to change this wrong perceived image about my homeland Egypt.Also I got another journal in Opera Browser community with the same name and same content
Egypt is greater than a history book or a touristic country or a program in discovery channel,it is more than all those things .
It is the oldest country on this planet yet I see her (Egypt)not as a country or a continent or even a planet but a GALAXY
yes A Galaxy ,strange I know but all of you will say she loves her country madly.
not just because I am an Egyptian and I love Egypt madly
but I see her too hard to be understood ,too big to be understood (big here doesn't refer to the space or size but it is big and great in something I can't describe in words)
I want to describe Egypt through the eyes of Egyptian who lives and feels her own country
not only Egypt I will write about but also the other Arab and Muslim countries as I guess there is a great misunderstanding about the Arabs ,Middle East and above all of them the Islam
I watched this summer vacation Programs in The travel channel regarding my country and other Arab countries ,they were Syria and Lebanon (both I like and love,know a lot about their history and people)and what I saw in these programs made me angry
let me just say the travel channel always describe the touristic parts in the world in a touristic way but the Arab and Islamic countries it becomes the politics channel ,full of Lies and deception and I am afraid that's the way in most of western media regarding the mideast
so from my humble journal I am trying to correct all those false concepts and lies about my world the Arab and Islamic as much as I can
I speak too long I am afraid
anyway you are all welcome
the house is yours as we say
till we meet again