Friday, April 29, 2005

Mubarak's word to History . Episode 2 History revealled already

Ok back ot the Mubarak's word to the history ,the 3-eposide program shown on the national tv in Egypt about the memories of President Mubarak, program presented by Emad El-Din Adib

really I respected the historical facts that President Mubarak said ,and I believe some of it is true , what happened in 1956 from a complete destruction to the Air forces , the role of General Mohamed Fawzy 'despite I believe he wasn't a really strong leader ' in reconstructing the army , the most important part I believe was about the Suez Gap in the 1973 ,the Gap which was turned by the Iseralis to a phoony victory ,a fake tiny one ,the real reasons, the Syrian role in it ,Believe or not Syrians wanted us to hit Hifa in Iseral and they are nearer to it then us ,Mubarak said things at least for me and for my generation new things in History

But the Gap I discovered after reading the Dostor newspaper this week that General Shazaly wrote about it since 20 or 30 years ago and that the book is prohibited till now in Egypt because of what is in it ,surprisingly Muabarak seems to said what is in the book, so Shazaly said the truth without any camera man of the seven that filmed the program

to be continued ...

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