Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Mubarak's word to History .Eposide 1 overall view

Ok for Egyptians who live in Egypt and also outside Egypt , Did you watch Mubarak's interview with Amad El-Din Adib on Channel 1 9.30 pm after the news in a three eposide program called 'Word to History ? it will last today

the program is directed by Sherif Araf ,the famous Egyptian cinema director 'Mafia, El-sadaat and the doomed Halim' ,I don't know why they need a cinema director ,it is too much ,'have you ever heard that Steven Speilberg directed a program for an american or even Iserali presiden !!?'yes it is not usual program but it doesn't need Cinema director

The music is really excellent ,the new remix to the natioanl songs by Amar El-Sherai is great 10/10
I won't speak about Amad El-Din Adib now ,late I will do so

now let's go to the core event ,the interview of the Egyptian president

First I liked the control Hall under the ground ,a kind of showing off the achievements of an era ,I guess it is not an era of a specific person than a technological era and still I feel it is less advanced than any Iserali control hall ,but who knows ,this is only for showing off

Second talking about the history By Mubarak himself in time no one asked him about it as I recall from Mofid Fawzy 's boring interviews was a good Point, I felt as I was watching El-Jazzira 'S Shad al Asar but with more politle interviewer

Third timing already all opposition newspapers like El-Arabi El-Nasri making specalutions that he will announce important news regarding his running for presidency 'already he doesn't need to run ,he already has it ,let other run as they like' and he will throw a bombshell in air raid regarding the vice president who can be the silent active Mr.Omar Soliman ,whom I really respect him ,we will see today

I really respect Mr.Mubarak despite all what can I say the bad things in his era and they are so many but it is not only his fault ,it is a fault of a socail system used to shut up and give up easily and a fault of a political system used to be a nice dream turned to a nightmare by the greed human behavior and the love of authority and power

I respected more in him General Mubarak than president Mubarak because I feel that he belong s to the that Arena of air fighters and wars , than to politics ,in fact I guess inside him he wants to go back in time where he can fly again,See his eyes when he talks about the old days and you know what I mean

Watch the rest today people ,to know the rest of the word
to Continued


  1. What brought a comparrison with the Israeli Hall into the picture..!!

  2. Are you still respecting Mubarak despite the cons of his era?


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