Friday, April 29, 2005

Save the Egyptian history form Ruby and Sherif Sabry

Ok to all Arabs ans Egyptians did you watch the new Ruby's music video on Melody hits tv ,it is shown there exclusive
well it sucks ,yes sucks with introduction in fact I believe it is an insult made by the duet of Ruby hanam and Sheirf Basha Sabri 'Sherif Basha Sabri was the uncle of late King Farouk who loved Om Kalthom !!' ,it is an insult ot the Egyptian Ancient history and the great Pharoahnic hertiage we got from our great anscestors
Yesterday ,famous Egyptologist Zahi Hawas 'despite I don't like him but I respect him in this' said there will be law that will be issued next months ,that will put constraints and conditions on the usage of Pharoahnic symbols in Public ,we need this to protect our history ,for God Sake ,those people gave us a great history we are boosting with it every where ,and how can we repay it to them with addition to the already aggression on Egyptian History ,by letting a cheap singer shaking her butt
This must be stoped
Sherif Sabri said in El-Ain Newspaper ,that Kobra snake that Ruby Holds in the video ' I wish it had bitten here and the story will end' was a god for the pharoahs and Cleopatra story ....bla bla bla , Cleopatra did n't use cheap seduction like Ruby ,she used her mind to employ her beauty wisely to capture the hearts and minds of great leaders in her time ,I wrote about that few posts ago
anyway a joke from Sherif Sabry 's birthday ,he claimed that he was 31 years old !!

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  1. Get a life - Ruby is reminidng us all of what Egypt has given to the world.


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