Saturday, July 23, 2005


Things in cairo arenot fine ,the timing of this bloody terrorist act is so so bad already it is the hotest political summer Egypt is living since the 1954 crisis
I am so confused right now , already the terrorism experts began to analyze it 'I admitt we got excellent exprets ' but what is the benefit of doing analyze now when the thing just blowed out
I am sad and angry
This can destroy the economy for some time ,Sharm is only terroristic city working allround the year ,hundreds of thousands of Jobs depend on it , in a country unemployement is increasing rapidly every year
It is the second in Sinai after Taba
It is the Second after the 6th of october war celebration timing ,this time in the 23rd of July 'The revolution day 'when Kingdom of Egypt became the Republic of Egypt ,
The timing is important and No one wants to speak about it as there was some romours that the president Mabarak would announce that he will run in the next election in next septmeber for the fifith time ,alreaady there are demonstration against him weekly , the political conditions in Egypt are so stressed to have something like this
The place also Sharm El-Shekih ,the peace City as they call it ,Sharm is the second Capital for Egypt , the Presdient Stays there more than in Cairo ,and ironically for the security reasons !!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am so sad and angry ,this year is very important for Egypt especailly these summer months
What makes me more and more angry is the took for destroying the tourism , what tourism ?the majority which were killed and injured are from the Egyptians in the old Market Area, also this time is for Egyptians in resverations as Sharm is so hot for Foreigners to go ,sure the tourism will be freezed for awhile
But This is the bloodist terrorist act Egypt sees since the Luxor terrorist act
Ironically A Gulf newspaper said ,Egypt now is the safest place for the Gulf tourism after the Blasts in London and Beruit !!!!!!!!!!
WhyS and WhoS questions are on the tongue of every Egyptian
Already El-Qaida said I did as usual on one these forums !!!!!! The minister of Interior said that he didn't think so ,but he thinks it has a connection with the Taba blasts
Fouad Alam an expert of terrorism and ex-vice president of the investigations of National Secuirty 'big name isn't it !! and fearful too " Doubts it is Al-Qaida after all , his point that the Al-Qaida the real one of Osama and Ayman is finished ,after 4 years war with the greatest military power on Earth plus it doesn't have any existence any more in Egypt 'be sure of that he was responsible for it' yet it can be one of the groups thattake Osama as role model !!!!!!!!
All evidences and witnesses say that the Cars used in the bombing were carrying the Taba Customs ,that is it is coming across the borders with Iseral and some said they found the Arabs of 48 ids !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What I fear is that it could be a revenage operation from the security and specailly the Interior ministery by the Arabs of Sinai as after the Taba Blasts ,the security forces gone crazy and let's just say they act in non human rights way with theSinai's Arabs specailly with their women that the Human rights watch spoke about it ,there are alot of anger but come on all Egyptians hate the interior ministry and its acts
I am angry and sad
Please Pray for all those died
This is one of the strangest summers Egypt faced !!
I am sorry for all those tourists who came and wanted to enjoy Sharm but fate didn't give them a chance


  1. it's true, I think this has everything to do with the Palestinian/Israeli crisis.

  2. My thoughts and prayers are with you and our Egyptian brothers and sisters as well as the British, Spanish and all peoples who have had to deal with the nightmare of cowardly terroristic actions against innocent civilians around the world.


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